Wednesday, June 2, 2010

May Photos

Last month we did some pretty fun things.  I didn't get pictures of everything, unfortunately, but hopefully this will give a glimpse (c:

We went to see my cousin, Colleen, graduate from Sam Houston University in Huntsville.  The man in a wheelchair is Attorney General Greg Abbot.  He was a great speaker, and not too long-winded either so we give him props.

Now why I have a picture of him and not of my beautiful Colleen, I will admit is just plain wrong.  #sad

The company I work for sent me on a business trip to San Antonio.  They put us up in the Marriott on the Rivercenter.  This is part of the view from our 16th-floor room.  That's the Rivercenter, folks (c:

Ryan on the phone with his parents.  They came to meet up with us shortly after we checked in at noon.  Oh yeah, it was his birthday.  How much fun is that???

Got to give the Marriott props for its linens.  Although we didn't really like the three small pillows instead of just two regular ones.  We spent a bit of time wondering how on earth this could be more efficient. *shrug*

Myspace photo op!

Another part of the view.

Went to see the fam in New Braunfels for Ruthie's performance in her school's The Wizard of Oz.  She was a Jitterbug.  Yeah, I don't remember that part in the story either.  Regardless, it was a great part of the show!  The play was at the Brauntex Theater which is right across the street from Seekatz Opera House, where Ryan and I tied the knot just a little over 11 months before.  Coincidentally, some kids I knew from Tree of Life were getting married there right that very moment.  Made me very nostalgic and kind of sad that my wedding was over (I don't plan to ever have another one).  But then I realized that we were heading back to one of the most romantic cities in the world and staying in a froo froo hotel for the next two days (c: 

I attended the conference all day on Sunday and Ryan used the time to visit his grandma in Kerrville.  Then we met back at the hotel, cleaned up, and went to a cocktail party on the 2nd floor.  It was actually in a hoity toity restaurant that they closed for our party.  They could make you anything and it was all free (c:  I learned what a Mabry was and promptly had two of them.  We laughed and talked politics and business and oil spills with my coworkers and the Exxon Mobil guy.  Then we and two of my coworkers accepted an invitation to dinner with a vendor.  They whisked us away in a taxicab (I don't think I had ever ridden in one before) to one of the oldest buildings in San Antonio, the Little Rhein Steakhouse.  Of course it was right on the river and we ate on the patio.  The vendors wanted to splurge on us... so we let them.  Ryan and I follwed Don's lead (he is my coworker who got us the invitation) and ordered what we wanted.  It's definitely the most expensive restaurant I've been to.  Ryan and I estimated that they spent at least $450 for six people that night. 

How was the food?  Ryan said his steak was superb.  I ordered chicken though (my bad) and it was just ok.  Ryan had red wine with his steak for the second time in his life.  The first time was the day before at the Cheesecake Factory, where his parents took us to celebrate his birthday.  This was turning out to be a good birthday weekend for him, indeed!

On Monday we stopped at the Witte Museum on our way out.  I had memories of going there as a child and knowing that Ryan loves museums and Texas history, I felt he would really enjoy it.  We visited the native Texans, mummy, and dinosaur exhibits, but his favorite was the Texas art.  It was pretty fantastic.

The Witte Museum has a special exhibit for kids called the HEB Science Treehouse.  It's 3 stories and a basement of themed science activities that are just so much fun.  Since I had been there as a kid, there were several new things and I was really glad to know that it continues to be a feature at the Witte.

This is the pulley exhibit.

Yay, H-E-Buddy!


The water system was one I always remembered.

Beautiful, HUGE cactus.

Hey honey, let's take a picture in front of the cactus! lol  (the sun was really really bright!)

Ok we give up.  Ryan doubles over with laughter whenever he sees that first picture.

Well there are more, but alas, it is late and I'm tired.  Hope you enjoyed!

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