Thursday, April 29, 2010

Move Over, Coca Cola

Picture this. A camera panning through a museum, passing by the Mummy and Native American exhibits, growing closer to the back room where you can see a man dressed like Indiana Jones bent over a life-size sculpture of a triceratops. You can finally make out what he is focusing on as the camera zooms nearer. He has a glass of a bright orange liquid and he is using it to paint details on the shoulder of the beast. He turns to the camera with a smile and brings the vile into view. "Sunny-D is the perfect drink for the job. It's the taste kids love, it has a nice citrus-ey smell, and it's the brightest color I've ever seen!"

This is what goes on in the mind of my husband while he's sleeping. Apparently Sunny-D is multifunctional!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April Pictures

Ryan playing with Ellie Mae.

She is a cute thumb sucker (c:

My cherry/pineapple "plaid pie"

You know how I like a space-saver.  Our new spice rack that we found at a resale shop (c:  Yay, freed cabinet space for $2.49!

It finally occurred to us to put books on our bookshelf.  Go figure.

The finished project.

These glasses from our wedding were still packed in a box.  Thought I'd try them out for a while and see if we want to keep them or not.
I know that empty picture frames are just a fad, but I like them.  Also in this picture, my repair on the red curtains.  They originally hung by red loops which would have been fine if we had a nice curtain rod, but we just have the cheapy ones that get the job done, so I folded over the top and made a new loop to cover the rod entirely.  Now my curtains are a little too short but sewing some trim on there will fix it and be a cinch.

I don't know if I have ever put a picture of our Ikea mag rack, but I love it. 

My very favorite soap dish ever (c:

Close to Home

While listening to my Barenaked Ladies radio on, I was reminded of another pillar of awesome for the moment.  The show Big Bang Theory has gained a lot of popularity, but I remember watching it when it was just starting out.  I know the nerd/hot girl interactions are an ancient comedic phenomenon, but it was especially relevant because of LeTU.  Anyway, if you haven't seen this easy-watch show yet, then check it out. 

Barenaked Ladies does the theme song, too.  So you know how awesome that is.

"We're all in this alone." - Lily Tomlin

Marketing is both an art and a science. I am not a math/science person. Folks who are tend to be less artistically inclined. But its surprising to me how I want to dive more into the science of it at this point. I want to do less "using my gut" when it comes to marketing and more spreadsheets and graphs to depict interesting trends.

The art of marketing is sort of where you start, I guess. Maybe it's also where you finish. You hypothesize about where to look for the information you need which is more often than not a matter of using your instincts and own experience. Then you gather the information and measure it in a scientific manner. Sales went down. There is always a reason. Then you have to return to guessing to come up with a reasonable explanation. Or maybe a couple of reasonable explanations (c: Sales might be down because it's summer time and you're trying to sell ice scrapers (c;

I don't know where I'm going with this, I thought it was somewhere. I guess that quote by Tomlin made me think about how Marketing is trying to find a common thread among a majority of people to pull them in. We all have commonalities that marketing has exhausted, and now we're trying to get fight the individualism. Marketing tries to group people together while people are trying to be more and more unique. But then, we have that in common too, don't we? Thus is the challenge.


I am feeling better today. This weekend is going to be very busy but very fun. We made two changes in our apartment that had a huge impact on the amount of space we have. 1) we sold the 37" CRT TV and 2) we turned the desk against the wall (vs. perpendicular to it). I didn't know it would make such a huge difference and I suddenly feel like we have a new apartment... almost.

Saturday is Nerd Games, so Ryan and the boys will be at Barry's. The girls will be at a Southern Living "Death by Chocolate" party at Ellen's. I'm not a big fan of chocolate so I might be the only survivor (c; Afterwards, us girls are going to the Page Pub and perhaps the Cinco de Mayo celebration at Maude Cobb. I would really love to do that!

Sunday, we're having awesome people over for hamburgers and I just look forward to entertaining and seeing them since the semester is almost over and we haven't spent much time with them.

This morning Ryan told me I was awesome and wanted me to remember it so here I am basking in his approval (c: Maybe it was the bagels and Bumble & Brown strawberry spread? I don't know, but it sure is nice to have his love.

Today: lunch with the girls at Las Delicias which is indeed delicious (c:

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Awesome musicians of the moment are: Barenaked Ladies. Love their sense of humor. Love this song.

You walked into the room
And the whole place stopped to notice
Standing next to you, I feel hopeless and you know this
I've never been ashamed of my attraction
I'd be happy if you gave me just a fraction
As we danced, I could see in your eyes
You and me as senior citizens in love

I followed your perfume out away from all the rabble
Right up to your room for a drink and travel Scrabble
You, stationed in the warm glow of the t.v.
Too patient as I'm playing EL OH VEE EE

And we laugh...and we laugh...and we laugh
And we have to or we'll end up in the bath

Now we're in the bath, I'm already thinking marriage
I know that in the past it was something I'd disparage
You turned down all the lights, I lit the candles
We rolled around in robes and hotel sandals
Then you slept, and I dressed, and I left
And I guess I'll see you Monday like before

Before all the fireworks exploded
Our conversations were so loaded, innuendo flying
Now what can we say?
Have a nice day
Looks like rain today...

Now I'm in a cab, heading back to my apartment
Everything is drab, and I wish it never started
Now I've landed in this awkward situation
How can I just avoid a conversation?
So I wait, come in late. It'd be great
If you transferred out of state

Monday, April 26, 2010

Silver Linings

This weekend has been full of bad news.

-grammy's in the hospital with respiratory problems
-grandma had a heart attack and awaiting a prescription
-shelby's dealing with so much stress her body's health is reacting fiercely
-megan might have uterine cancer - waiting on test results
-vic and roseanne are separated and probably going to get a divorce
-ruthie is dealing with depression
-dad's health is still bad and he changes doctors too often to really get help
-mom is now on medication and is stressed out
-nathaniel was in the hospital from having a stroke (he is our age)
-john and ellen's little chihuahua, pepe, unexpectedly died last friday
-my direct deposit was late (i don't know who to blame) and so our account is overdrawn

I'm not one to focus on the bad stuff or even let it bother me a whole lot, but that is a long list for one weekend. It wasn't even that bad of a weekend. But today I have a lot on my plate, including a big presentation at 3, and I'm in that odd position where I am not quite sick but something definitely isn't right. All night I tossed and turned with waves of nausea, cold sweats, all-over achey, weakness and shakiness. Even though I probably should feel like going back to bed and closing out the world with my covers, I've still got things to look forward to and they'll push me through the day. I'm going to ask my boss for time off in late June or July to go see Grammy in California. If we keep waiting until we can afford it or until I have enough vacation time then it may be too late. Every couple of months she is in and out of the hospital for this or that. She has never met Ryan. The past two years her hospital visits have carried more cause for alarm. I think we should go. I hope my boss understands. I look forward to getting permission, booking our flights, and settling into the knowledge that we are finally going to do something that needs to be done. I don't want to carry those regrets.

My presentation at 3 is another thing I'm looking forward to. I should have mixed feelings, but I'm more excited than afraid. I have worked very hard and developed a pretty slick Powerpoint presentation to help me convey the visual aspects of our proposed e-store. While mocking up some screen shots of the main parts such as the product listing and the shopping cart, it occurred to me that I could click through the slides and simulate clicking through the website. So I went ahead and created the whole shopping experience. My boss was really impressed by it - he even liked my design (finally). I had submitted several designs to him over the past few months trying to get closer and closer to the vision he was trying to convey. I had let it rest, because he had made it clear to me that our ad/design agency would be handling that part. It didn't bother me a whole lot, but in a way I felt like if he just saw me as a real designer instead of just someone who has above-average design skills then he would be turning to me to get the job done and I would be more valuable. Anyway, I guess the truth is that I haven't been trained in real design, really. I just know what I am capable of and I would love a challenge and recognition in the artistic area because its one of my strong points.

So, who am I kidding. I'm just having a rotten day today. You all know what I need, so if you want to, I could really use a little prayer. Thanks (c:

Friday, April 23, 2010

Projects: Intruder Welcoming Kit

There are a couple of goals I am going to set for this weekend.  Yesterday evening I was extremely tired, but I did manage to get a lot done.  I think I was in some sort of daze.  Before I knew it, Ryan was home and I realized I had been working on our house for 4 hours straight.  I cleaned the kitchen, including some big dishes that I had been "letting soak" (aka putting off washing) all week.  Swept and mopped the kitchen.  Put some beans in a pot to soak overnight.  Made myself macaroni for supper.  Put compost on my plants as fertilizer.  Picked up downstairs and vacuumed.  Hung the downstairs curtain rod and a curtain (yes just one... we didn't realize only one panel comes in a package. Grr.)  Used a space bag for the first time (really, it brought down my comforter to like 1/4 of it's size).  Washed a load of whites.  Put all the clothes away upstairs (they tend to build up in little piles throughout the week).  Hung 4 picture frames and my diploma.  Cleaned the lavatory and mirror in the bathroom.  Finished unpacking a travel bag that never got fully put away from our last trip. 

It was actually quite a lot. 

Apartment Therapy posted an article asking what everyone is planning to accomplish this weekend.  Last weekend I finished up that dresser (pictures coming soon).  This weekend I have some sewing projects in mind, now that the apartment is much  more under control.  AT has been on a kick lately on the many unconventional uses of shoe-organizers.  We have one that we use for belts and gloves.  But we really  need a solution for our medicines.  We have them all stuffed in a shoebox at the moment, but not everything will fit, so we have these bottles in random places.  The Mucinex has been residing in with the drinking glasses for several months, because it won't fit where it belongs!  I don't even know how many bottles of Ibprofen we have scattered around. 

So I'll just sew a miniature shoe-organizer: a panel of fabric with various sized pockets for medicine bottles, aloe vera, sunscreen, boxes of gelcaps, etc.  Yes, I am a genius. lol... we will see when it's done.

My other project is top-secret.  However I know my husband doesn't read my blog, so even though this information is right under his nose, I feel completely safe revealing it (c:  As part of his birthday gift (coming up on May 22), I am going to make him a gun-holster that hangs off the side of the mattress.  It'll have pockets for the clips, too.  He currently keeps his 45 on the nightstand, which I'm sure helps both of us sleep better at night.  But it makes me nervous to have it on our make-shift nightstand which isn't very even-surfaced, along with our books, glasses of water, flashlight, Ibprofen bottles (c;, and glasses, etc.  Maybe I should just make a pocket for his flashlight, too.  It'll be the "Intruder Welcoming Kit."  Yes, I like that.  I'm so stenciling that on the side!

Now, the difficulty comes in how to make it manly with the fabric I already have on hand...

Oh P.S., I have some amazing footage of Ellie Mae that I completely forgot we had.  I'll be posting it this weekend (c:

6 sq. inches

So cute.  I have a soft spot for guinea pigs (c:  And this lolcatz is special because I can relate to living in small quarters!

Friday, April 16, 2010


I know it's really weird, but I have a strange fascination with Donald Sutherland.  I really don't know anything about him, but I really like the roles I've seen him act in.  I just can't get enough, I think he's so interesting.

I know what it is.  He reminds me so much of a friend I had once.  Sutherland has the same kind of cool.  It makes me crush on him just a bit.  Yes, Ryan knows about this, lol.

He's like 75 now but he still has the charm (c:

If you've never heard his voice, that really completes the rest of it.  You gotta see him in the TV series, Dirty Sexy Money or in his younger years, in Kelly's Heros.  The knowledge that he plays Hawkeye Pierce in an older version of M*A*S*H* is just too much for my brain and the day I experience that I'm sure he'll climb to a new level of awesome.


So the mind is a powerful thing. I have built up so much dread of my Friday JA sessions that I grow more and more anxious about it as it approaches each Friday. When I think about it, my mind instantly goes to work thinking of ways I can get out of it -- weighing if I can justify quitting, even. Is it making me grow or is it just frustrating the hell out of me?

I just got back from my 3rd of 5 sessions. I had resolved to just put on my mental football helmet and gear and get through it. When I get there, the kids are quiet and few of them even seem excited. It's small, but it knocked whatever hopes I had tried to hold on to out at the knees. Poker face time... I drew on my joy from thinking about the weekend and asked them how their week was, if they were excited about the weekend, and if they had been swimming yet. That got them in the mood, and they started smiling and squirming. I tried something my mom suggested, before I asked for volunteers, I told them at the beginning that I'd be choosing 7 volunteers later, and that I would only choose the 7 best behaved, quietest kids. It worked pretty well some of the kids still couldn't contain themselves and were jumping out of their seats with their hands stretched out as far as possible, mouthing "pick me!" -- the ones I chose were actually ones who didn't even look like they wanted to do it. I had to ask them, do you want to do this?? lol, and they did of course.

The teacher stayed in the class today, and she would yell out, "hey! You! Sit down and listen to Miss Kendra." so that the sharpness of her voice always caught me off guard but it kept a lot more order in the classroom than my two previous sessions.

I felt like the lesson was actually a better one for the kids to digest, and between that and the better behavior, we got through it rather successfully with like 10 minutes to spare. So it was good and the kids got to work on their color sheets.

Towards the end, a voice came on the loud speaker and asked Ms. Hamilton to send 3 of the students in for testing. They were all 3 of the hispanic students. Hmmm. I didn't even get to tell them goodbye, they are actually 3 of the sweetest kids.

I am starting to fall in love with them a little bit. I am glad I have two more sessions with them. It was never them that was the frustrating part, it was just the chaos which I blame the teacher for. In my training they told me to leave the discipline to the teacher, which was a relief to me. When she leaves (although that first time it helped), the crowd goes wild. I'm not trained to handle them, they made it very clear that I am just there to have fun with them while conveying a message.

The kids themselves are awesome though. They're all different. They all want to help, and I wish I could remember to keep track and give them all a chance to help.

One girl comments on my outfit every time... lol.

Going to the rodeo tomorrow night!! I've got me 2 free tickets from work... sweeeeeeeeeeet! We were going anyway with Rachel and her brand new man friend, but now we don't have to pay the $20 to get them. Rock on!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Colore Tierra

I got some new hardware for the dresser from Hobby Lobby.  This stuff is 50% off 50% of the time, but I happened to be there with a need for it when it was not on sale.  Oh well.  I got an assortment of drawer pulls to finish off the drawers once their done with their painting treatment.  How's that going, anyway?

I am determined to use the 5 or 6 different paint colors we have on this project and not buy anymore.  However, I reached a point in my process last night where I wasn't sure if it'd be possible.  I wanted yellow ochre and teal, and what I was getting looked more like an Easter egg (I just really don't like pastels. Period.)  It's because I didn't have a rich enough blue and I knew it, I had just hoped it would magically appear.

I did end up mixing a more tolerable shade of green and so I'm running with that on the faces of the drawers.  I'll be painting over the mint green with a color that I is yet unknown to me tonight.  The two brown drawers happened before I mixed my happy green, but maybe I'll leave them.  It might add some asymmetry. 

This is where the drawers normally live.  Can you see how the TV is bending the dresser in the center?  We are soooo offloading that monster this weekend.  The other drawers came out fine, but that last one is actually acting as a support and will not come out easily.  I'm scared to take it out, so it will have to wait until the other drawers are finished, and then I'll have to set up a drop cloth inside and give it special treatment.

This is what we're having for supper tomorrow night.  I was getting the marinade ready on my lunch break when I took these other pictures so I thought I'd toss this one in (c:

I started wrapping boxes in fabric to create more aesthetically pleasing storage. I reorganized the laundry room in hopes that my second fabric-wrapped box would make it a little more organized-looking in there.  Someday I'll get around to wrapping those others.

Plants are lovin all the sun!

This is my other random set of drawers that still needs one more coat of green paint, but I'm very happy with the way it's turning out.  I can't decide which knobs to put on it though... lime green is a fun contrast (and I love the way the lime pops against the darker green) or the classy/artsy of the black and white knobs.  What do you think?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Lots of stuff going on lately. Not really much that is blog-worthy.

Saturday I pulled all of the drawers out of our chest of drawers that we use downstairs for miscellaneous things (mainly old video games and all of their paraphernalia). I took off all of the hardware and wood-puttied the holes, then let them dry while I sanded and put primer on a random two-drawer side-table/nightstand thing. After sanding all of the drawers' hardware holes down (there are 10 drawers), I was completely bushed and covered in fine dust. I love showers and TV that come after working really hard.

Last night I went straight to work on the drawers again. I wiped them all down to get rid of the dust and pollen that hat settled, then primered all of them inside and out. I plan on jumping on the "paint the inside of drawers/door jams an unexpected color" trend. I'm really excited about it (c: The drawers already look a million times better in their streaky primer white. They were so covered in stains and glue gobs and capless marker trails. Once I get done with that thing no one will ever guess it was my brother's childhood dresser.

It won't be complete, however, until we make the largest purchase in our marriage thus far: a new TV. We are dumping our faithful TV. Yes, that's right. As much as we take pride and joy in the things we have acquired free from friends, family and the dumpster, it suddenly occurred to me that that television is way too big! In a 700 sq-ft apartment, it is hogging lots of precious space. Besides, in the even that we move (which we expect will be in another year), we will have far less head and backache if we have already found a new home for it. We decided that benefit, along with the amount of space it will free up, and possibly the amount of $$$ we safe on electricity is enough to justify the purchase. And if not, well, let our materialistic want fill in the rest.

Tonight I am going shopping for hardware at Hobby Lobby. They almost always have it 50% off and it's that artsy stuff I like. We have some contemporary nickel-finish knobs that we swiped off of a chest of drawers that we have previously disposed of, so I am hopeful to find some that will mix well with those and bring a lot more character to the dresser.

I did finally check dying the couch cover off of my to-do list. It turned out an odd green/gray, or maybe blue/gray, I can't really decide. In theory it clashes with the green wall next to it, but as a whole it kind of fits in with my "almost cool but not quite" style. Just so long as I'm consistent (c:

We are expecting to have a lot of time to work on projects the next couple of weeks. Ryan and I love the project-a-holic in each other. Last night was one of those perfect evenings for us: me painting on the porch, getting every last bit of evening sun I can with my tube top and shorts, and him across the parking lot laying in the dirt under the truck. I finished up a bit before him, so I put supper on and went out to fill my "hand me that tool" role. We finished up just as the sun started going down and we went inside to find the salmon perfectly baked and ate it over two episodes of Desperate Housewives. I could live every day like that (c: