Friday, July 23, 2010

I've Been Having Anti-Debt Feelings

In an article on Dave Ramsey's website:
Clever Ways to Get Rid of Debt

I was inspired by others.
• Make sacrifices. We have this one down pretty good, but it doesn't hurt to reevaluate every so often.
• Use your talents. This is something I want to do so badly, but have yet to capitalize on. One thing you can do is go on and look at handmade projects people are asking for and bid on them. I haven't done this yet, but I do want to get some work painting portraits.
• Think about a skill you can teach yourself and then offer it as a service to others.
• Buy things for cheap, fix them up, turn around and sell them for a profit. Very good idea, just, don't have a place to do this. would be ideal for this.
• Don't be afraid of hard work. It feels good to get in there and use elbow grease on something for a little extra cash. OK, to be honest, I have been thinking of getting a second job here lately. I know that I could work at Sonic again in a heartbeat. Is it bad to wonder if that would look bad if my current coworkers found out? Would it make me seem like an immature teenager or someone who has to work two jobs because they don't manage their money well? The truth is that I could probably put an extra $500 a month towards loans if this were the case. I'd be kissing away my weekend freedom, maybe even some evenings. But would it be worth it for a while? Do I really want to smell like that again??!

I guess what holds me back from doing that is the thought of being able to make that kind of money with paintings. That is really and truly the best option. I just need to actually do it! OK, this time next week, I hope to have my first commission! Hold me to it!

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