Thursday, August 12, 2010

About Me

I don't know what to write about lately, which is why I haven't been writing. I've also rather enjoyed being more productive at work. My to do list doesn't shrink as much as I feel like it should, but that's ok because if it gets too small I lose my momentum. Anyway, it seems to be the season of bulleting random facts about yourself on your blog, so that's something.

• My least favorite thing about myself, lately, is my social awkwardness. Perhaps I haven't quite learned or matured enough to interact with the people around me at a level where I feel like I'm cool. I have been walking away from most encounters feeling like I just failed that one, again.
• My favorite thing about myself -- lately -- is my brokenness. I'm at a low, but going to this new church and meeting new people, being reminded of the real stuff in life has made me realize that I'm at a place to grow more. In all this, I do look forward to that.
• I want kids one day, but that is one of the scariest things in the world to me. The only reason it's not the scariest ever is because I am married to Ryan and I know both of our hearts are in it and neither of us is alone.
• In my ideal future, I want to be wake up early in the morning and go out to my studio with all windows and white furniture. In the early morning light and quietness, I want to tie back my hair and put on my smock and just paint for hours. Have a sandwich for lunch, tend the garden in the afternoon, and fix supper with the fresh vegetables from it. Then eat supper when Ryan gets home and talk about our days and our non-routine plans. It does sound cheesy, but it also sounds nice (c:
• I want to be an entrepreneurial genius. But who doesn't?
• I have gained about 20 pounds since we got married. You can say that it's because I'm "comfortable" in my relationship now, but I am extremely uncomfortable in my jeans! But yeah, thus is the life of most women.
• I'm obsessed with financial planning and budgeting. Ryan and I keep a close watch on every penny. We have been proud of ourselves, but as we all know, pride comes before a fall, and we have fallen a few times into poor money management. Now we try to stay humble on that front... (c:
• My favorite food is tortilla soup. I try it every time we go to a restaurant that offers it, but my mom's is still the best. I can say that with all honesty!
• I love, love, love Calidad corn chips and On the Border mild salsa. Throw some sour cream in there, and I could it eat it all day, every day.
• Some of my childhood dreams were never realized, but I turned out okay. I blame Disney for making me believe that I wouldn't.
• People in my life who I thought I would be best friends with forever are fading. They're changing, I'm changing -- it's just inevitable. I didn't have the foresight to know that when we were kids and I just thought distance would be the only thing that ever separated us.
• I have gotten a lot better at telling salespeople, "No thank you," and "Not interested," in the past 3 years. Sometimes I still try to be nice but I have learned they don't appreciate that in the way a normal person would.
• I hate bigotry, so I take a lot longer than some to make decisions on controversial subjects. Issues like gay marriage and abortion I am still trying to work through. I know how I feel about them morally, but legally...?
• I like people who make mistakes and can laugh about them.


  1. I like posts like this! I should do one sometime.
    I really relate to the first thing on your list... :/

  2. I'm bringing tortilla soup to Thanksgiving. How can I not?

  3. In your email you said taco soup - I wasn't sure if it was the same thing. SOOO glad it's what I hoped! Can't wait!!!