Thursday, February 3, 2011

Love God, Love People

I want to introduce you to some really special people in my life.  These are most of the women at the bible study I go to.  Many of them have been through harder things than I can imagine, and it has made me wonder if I need to go through hard things in order to get the perseverance that they have.  That is for another blog as I'm still working that out, but to me these are faces of real life with God.  We all come from widely varied backgrounds and are at different places, but one thing that our group has-more than any other group I've been a part of-is love for God and respect for each other.  This group has made the concept of "come as you are" real to me.  It's oddly refreshing to see people in church struggling, crying, desperate, instead of pretending they have it together.

Sisters' Keepers (c:

It boils down to gaining a deeper appreciation for what Jesus did.  I know in my head that the "good deeds" we do in no way can justify or sanctify us, that is something his sacrifice was enough to cover.  On another level I am starting to understand that I am inherently incapable of saving myself, gaining freedom from guilt for the places I fall short.

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