Monday, February 21, 2011

Week 23: It's Getting Harder and Harder To Breathe

I haven't forgotten about this blog - believe me!  I think about it often, wondering when I am going to get time to update again and what would make a worthy entry.  Work has me swamped lately and I can't really spare a moment even to write at present, but one of the things I wanted to do with my blog was record my pregnancy symptoms and I have some significant ones that I've been experiencing for the past few weeks.

I both live and work up a flight of stairs.  In the office, my office is on the second floor, and we live in a townhouse style apartment where our bedroom and bath are upstairs.  I've always been glad that there is at least this activity that I have to do numerous times daily because most of the time I don't do any other form of exercise.  Normally, I can zip up them with no problem, but the past few weeks I have found that my chest tightens and I can't catch my breath by the time I get to the top.  It also causes my heart to race and takes several moments to calm it back down.  The heart racing is due to increase amount of blood (by the third trimester, my blood will have increased in volume by 150%), so I like to think that my heart is getting quite a good workout during this pregnancy (c:  I just read a short article to confirm what I already thought about shortness of breath, and it says, "while the number of breaths you take per minute actually changes very little during pregnancy, the amount of air you take in with each breath increases significantly."  Source.  It might also have something to do with my uterus being the size of a soccer ball... things are getting crowded!!!

Also, suddenly my belly button is of concern.  It is stretching, to be sure, and sometimes a little tender - I'm worried that it might start to really hurt!

Another complaint -- are you ready?  Two or three ribs on my right side hurt like crap.  It worsens the longer I am on my feet and later in the day.  A full dose of Extra Strength Tylenol brings little to no relief.  The rib pain comes from the hormone relaxin, which is helping my rib cage to loosen and spread... (eek).  Thankfully, this is to help make more room for my lungs to expand as James continues to hog the space I usually use for oxygen... (c;  

Despite all that, very thankful that we still have no signs of stretch marks (c:  And I'm still enjoying his kicks.  Sometimes his kicks/punches seem to come in a series of rhythmical spasms.  I read that this is probably hiccups.  He must hiccup a lot, I would estimate over 75% of his movements are these regularly spaced jolts.  That lead Ryan and I to ponder if hiccups are part of development because when we look back, we think that we both hiccup less as we have gotten older.

Mom mentioned that by this time next year, he'll be pulling himself up on furniture and cruising along, falling down, babbling, etc. getting his legs ready for walking.  I spent a lot of time yesterday daydreaming about what his face might look like.  Just happy thoughts.

On Wednesday, we will get another glimpse at that face.  Many of you have not seen the ultrasound pics from the gender appointment.  Once we found out that we'd get another appointment, I decided to wait to post those until I get more updated ones.  In the 17 week sonogram pictures, he was still so young that he hadn't started putting on fat yet, so to be honest, he just wasn't very cute, lol.  And I don't want anyone calling my kid an alien without knowing the facts (c;  I'm looking forward to seeing his face and features more filled out.  I'll post them all to compare the progression after Wednesday.

Still polishing up the registry.  I'm now seriously considering going with those new smaller cribs instead of a full size one.  Space is going to be really at a premium for us and I haven't heard anything bad on those yet.  Break ovar, back to work!

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