Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Joys of Week 34

  • Leaning back in my chair - no more slouching without a barrage on my ribs.
  • Laying on my side with a thin pillow under my belly for support.
  • "Cold" heartburn.
  • Stretch marks.  Recently accompanied by itching.
  • Unable to be comfortable on the couch.
  • Heart racing even while sitting down.
  • Inability to catch my breath often and randomly.
  • Cauliflower making me nauseated.
  • Feeling nauseated at other random times.
  • Limited amount of time I can spend on my feet without turning into a grouchy person.
  • Annoyance with my (I'm sure adorable) son's hiccups.  This used to be cute.
  • Random exhaustion.
  • Burning in my legs after going up stairs.
  • Moving slowly.
  • Peeing often.
  • Times of extreme hunger, and conversely times of no appetite.
  • Occasional mood swings (very occasional, thank God).
  • Difficulty getting in and out of our subcompact car.
  • Bursts of outrage when drivers in parkinglots seem to give me the right of way less often than they did when I wasn't pregnant.  That's right, they don't even look my way, just keep on driving.
  • Suddenly wanting to take people up on their offers to help me out rather than trying to do everything myself.
  • Increased body temperature.  I still carry a jacket with me everywhere, but I never need it anymore.  Also, sleeping with just the sheet or no covers.
  • Switching bed sides with Ryan so I don't have to crawl over him on a midnight pee run... this has been the weirdest.

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