Thursday, June 2, 2011

Week 38: The OFFICIAL Wait Begins

Most babies, left to their own devices, come between 38 and 42 weeks gestation.  That's why this week is another marker for me.  Now I can really start thinking: any time now.  Sadly, as much as my body aches and I experience other weird symptoms, I don't feel like it's close at hand just yet.  So people, sit back and put me in the back burner of your mind for another week or so, and we'll revisit analyzing each and every pain and symptom.  I wish I could put it at the back of my mind!

Weekly doctor's appointment was this morning.  She said my cervix is getting softer (like she said two weeks ago) and beginning to get lower, although it could have been the way I was sitting.  So progress, if any, has been slow, but she added that all of that can change suddenly so really there's no telling. 

As I have mentioned before, she induces her patients no later than a week after their due date because of the risk of the placenta starting to fail at doing its job (delivering nutrients and oxygen).  There is confusion over my due date because, well, I got pregnant within a month after getting off of the pill.  My doctor decided to go with the due date that the sonogram gave (June 18) rather than the calculated one (June 14).  I was glad for that because I wanted to avoid being induced as long as possible, and that set the date for induction way out at June 24.  This week I have been wondering if I am making the right decision.  If my real due date is June 14 (I don't know if it's wishful thinking or intuition) then June 24 seems like it might be dangerously long if we really do wait that long.  I might have started feeling a little anxious about waiting that long, even.

Anyway, we moved the induction date to June 20.  I feel better about that and after talking to my doctor about the physical differences in labor between natural and being induced.  I still hope upon hope that he'll come all on his own before then.

For now, I'm trying to take the advice that all moms give me:  enjoy these last few weeks.  I'm trying to talk to him more, read out loud, pat his bottom when he sticks it out (haha), and rejoice in all of his movements because each one confirms he's healthy and strong.

Last week I made a huge order on Target's website.  Every day since Tuesday we have been getting the deliveries.  We put the crib together last night.  The Bumbo, play yard, mattress pads, some diapers, monitor, and changing pad cover came today.  We have a list of things that we need to do and we're checking stuff off each night, but I know if Mom and Ruthie get here and have a couple of days before baby o'clock, it ALL will get done.  They are awesome like that.  If we run out of stuff to do then maybe we'll paint a wall or two (c:  I can't wait for them to get here.  They're coming on the 10th, so in a way I hope Declan gives us a few days to really get things ready for him.  That would be perfect.

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  1. Yay! He is coming so soon! :) And June is a great month for a birthday, if I do say so myself ;) Does it seem much more real now that his room/your apartment are just about ready for him?
    I wouldn't worry too much about the induction date... I've known of several babies who were 2 weeks+ "late" according to doctor's calculations. Usually it seems they come out when they're ready to come out!

  2. I've been blaming it on being 50, but maybe it's really sympathy pains for you. I feel a lot like you do these days, but I'm NOT pregnant.

    One week from today, and Ruthie and I will be there. We are both looking forward to spending time with YOU! James Declan arriving will be a bonus.