Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Abnormal Activity

Well, I have violated one of my own personal rules today.  Today I went to have lunch with Ryan at his work.  His coworkers were going to order pizza and have a little party, so he invited me to join them. They normally watch movies on their break, and today was no different.  I got there a little late and grabbed a slice of pizza and a Coke.  Now, I normally avoid watching horror/scary movies if I can help it, but this one didn't seem too bad.  This couple would get woken up in the middle of the night by loud noises.  I am guessing the part I missed was that they were weirded out enough to get a camera and film themselves every moment that they were home, including in their sleep.  They narrowed their suspicions down to a demonic presence that was after the girl.  It progressed slowly, but sure enough, we were all terrified and hiding our eyes towards the end.  Of course, it's like a trainwreck and although I knew I'd spend the rest of the day and probablly the next couple of nights with the scenes haunting me, I couldn't stop watching.  It ends very tragically and it is indeed on my mind.  I hope I can forget it before going to sleep tonight... I get the most terrible nightmares! )c:
We went to the Brewer's last night for our weekly Tuesday suppers with them.  Lauren has been really into Desperate Housewives lately and so we watched the first 3 episodes of season 1 with them.  I think we will have to finish the show now... lol.  On the way home we discussed the risk of me turning into a wife like Bree <insert laughter from Laura and Lauren [given they watch the show]> since I have been so into this homemaking thing lately.  Rachel probably thinks I am  at risk, lol. 
So, New Year's resolutions.  Ryan brought it up.  I have stopped making them in order to avoid failure to execute :P  His is that he wants to start getting up earlier and actually getting to work on time.  Imagine that!  Yes, yes, more often than not, we carpool.  It takes him 20 minutes to get to work, but it only takes me 5. So on the days when he's on time, I'm 15 minutes early, and when I'm on time, he's 15 minutes late. I usually don't dog him about getting up earlier, because I usually make it on time and since it takes him 15 minutes to get to me to pick me up, I work late 90% of the time anyway, so I'm getting my time in and then some.  However, I begrudgingly admit that I need to suck it up and help him get up early enough for us to both be shining stars. 
I wonder what a leisurely morning before work would be like.  We make some coffee, lounge around in bathrobes that we don't have yet, have some cereal and fruit, put the plants out in the sun for the day, maybe I actually take the time to do my hair and makeup in front of a mirror (!!!)...  Alas, as long as we keep our bedtime around midnight I don't see it being such a pleasant experience! 
Anyway, perhaps 2010 will turn us into adults. 


  1. I never thought of you being Bree until now. except she's OCD and you're not so no worries. and she has red hair.

    I am the same about scary movies. We should hold each other accountable to never watch scary movies. Did you have a nightmare?

  2. thankfully I did not have a nightmare, lol. I did think about it alot though while I was falling asleep and I kept trying to think about something else because I didn't think it was healthy for me to think about it so much... lol