Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Although we don't know where we'll be or what we'll be doing in a  year (we're about to face some big changes), we have started looking at houses in the area and are hoping to get pre-approved for a mortgage in the next couple of months.

There are lots of houses on the market right now, fortunately, and lots in what we think is our price range (although we won't know for sure until we get pre-approved).  So it's fun and really educational to poke around.  There are a few I would love to see in person.


This blue house is among the least expensive.  One good thing is that it has a brand new roof.  It also has lots of good features, maybe even too many for us.  Among the ones I like..

A fireplace!  I just noticed the TV off to the left, we'd have to figure out a different arrangement.  And of course paint.  But I do like all of the built-in shelving.

Custom cabinetry and lots of built-in storage in the kitchen and elsewhere.

Cute little patio off of what I am assuming is the master bedroom.

Love their choice of paint color in the cute, clean bathroom.  Again, lots of storage.

This is the feature I fear would actually be more trouble than we'd enjoy.  The whole yard is really highly landscaped (yes that is a pond with fish).  Maybe it would not be so much trouble, but it is daunting to me.  Like the storage shed though!

This one comes with a $3,000 decorating allowance, whatever that means.  I like the curb appeal and the 2 car garage.  It's also in an established neighborhood.

Appears to be clean and fairly updated.

Decent sized living area.

I guess this is a bedroom.

I would spend some of that decorating allowance updating the countertops.  Maybe those floors, too!  Not a fan of the narrow kitchen, but it seems many are like that.

Nondescript formal dining area.

I do love the vintage wanes coating and moulding in the bathroom.  Lots of potential.  This bathroom puts this otherwise so-so house on my list.

Usually the green is on the tile, thank God this would be an easy fix!

Master bedroom I'm assuming.  Kinda small but I'd have to see it to make a final judgment.

OK, look at this place.  I already love that it's more interesting just from the curb.  And those trees...

The trees!  They remind me so much of home in south Texas.  They're just so grand!

Concrete circle drive.  Nice!  This is in our price range?  Well, believe it or not it is.  How is this possible?  Ryan says the location is not in the best part of town.  I would have to see the rest of the neighborhood, but it certainly doesn't look like a sketchy place!

Sorry, there is something wrong with some of these pictures.  But those floors are gorgeous, are they not?? Love this huge room and the fireplace. 

Yet another huge room with a fireplace.  That is just too good to be true.  Bomb-diggidy!

The kitchen could use some updates (floor, paint cabinets, counters?) but I love the size of it.

Can't get enough of these pretty floors!

Oh, maybe THAT's why this place is so affordable.  We'd have to completely redo this!

But let's end on a good note for this one.  Nice outdoor concrete patio.  I can imagine all of my pots and plants living happily on that brick wall.  This house has it all for us, even a good demo and reno challenge.  Granted, it didn't show any of the bedrooms (there are 3 of them).  2518 square feet.  I'm drooling.

Can you tell which is my favorite?  What do you like?

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