Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Humor In The Pain (c;

I ran into our warehouse manager at the coffee pot this morning.  Definitely one of my favorite people from day one here, he's always a lot of fun.  He said he heard I wouldn't be returning after baby, but I told him that it was the right decision for me.  His response was encouraging, he said that his wife stayed home with their kids, and even though they had to give up some new cars and other things because of finances, it was worth it to them.  It was so refreshing to hear that I wrote him a quick email shortly thereafter...

Me:  Thanks for your supportive words at the coffee pot this morning!  I will miss everyone at the office but I know I am really lucky to have the opportunity to work from home.  You can still let me know if you need a birthday banner (c:

- kendra

Eric:  I realize I can read between the lines better than most people and I get that you were trying to say you will miss me more than anyone else.  I appreciate that very much.  I realize the bond that is between us and I will not bruise Dereck's (my boss) ego by letting him know that.  He is soft.  I really do think you're the bomb.  You really will be missed.  Good luck, KK.  If you need some guidance on how to live on one salary let me know.  I have perfected it!!! lol :)

Hope you caught his sarcasm.  Some people will be missed more than others!

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