Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pregnancy Brain!

Who knows why it happens.  Maybe we just don't feel like ourselves, maybe it's hormones, maybe our minds are distracted with baby stuff, but one of the symptoms of pregnancy is having moments of completely losing your common sense.

It starts out subtly at first, and for me began as soon as the first trimester.  Forget something here, say something weird there, nothing too out of the ordinary.  At 28 weeks along, though, pregnancy brain has struck me... hard!

Yesterday evening I was cooking supper.  I found a crepe recipe and decided to try it (first time for me).  When attempting to crack an egg, I mindlessly dropped the perfectly-cracked egg yolk right down the sink drain.  It was not until a split second later that I realized that the egg should have gone in the bowl.  Woops.  The possibility of blaming Pregnancy Brain crept into my mind, but I ignored it.  Just a silly mistake.

About an hour later, I had cooked up a pile of crepes.  There was still some batter left, but we were hungry so we started eating while I got up every few minutes to flip the next one.  Suddenly, I felt like I had been woken up after being unconscious for an unknown amount of time.  Ryan jumped up and went to the kitchen... the smell of burnt crepe came to me.  I had completely forgotten about that one until it was burned to a crisp.  Strike 2.

Once settled into dinner and the stove turned off, I was enjoying a grape jelly crepe.  I made sure not to load them up with too much jelly so they wouldn't be a mess to eat.  I was careful to eat each one over my plate in case there were drips.  Then, recklessly I lifted the last bite of my mustang grape crepe from my plate across the few inches chasm to my mouth and [you would think I would have learned by this point in the evening] drip!  Grape jelly right on my faithful, clean, white, maternity v-neck t-shirt. 

So I had a bad night.  Pregnancy Brain was definitely the diagnosis.  Surely I can overcome this, I thought.  Mind over matter.  Wednesday is a new day. 

Here I am after lunch.  I just finished my Arby's sandwich.  Why didn't I eat the mashed potatoes, pork loin, baby carrots and apple that I packed for myself last night you ask?  Because I definitely grabbed the Tupperware container of cookie dough instead of my lunch this morning.  *sigh*


  1. hahah! awww :( pohw Kendra... alarming as this is for you, I'm equally worried about why I have been experiencing similar scenarios. I just blame it on a lack of coffee and/or sleep...Hate to imagine it being worse when I actually am pregnant on top of :\

  2. O! and crepes are the bomb! You rock for trying them at the drop of a hat :) You may hate me for this, if you didn't know it already, but they are amaaaazing w/ nutella :D
    ok, I'm done! I think

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Sorry, but this is hilarious.

  4. You should seriously send this somewhere for publication. Informative AND entertaining.