Monday, April 11, 2011

Gathering The Gear: Travel System

Since last weekend, we have gone from having one drawer of baby stuff to a large corner of our living room dedicated to this small person's needs.  While in Tyler yesterday, we decided to go to the Babies R Us since we don't have one in our town and put our hands on some of the larger items we had been looking at online.  We read a ton of reviews on infant seats because that seems to be the one thing that you really do want to get new for safety standards.  We had actually decided to try to find a not-too-old used one on craigslist and had quite a few options there, but after looking at them at the store and pushing some strollers, we fell in love with a travel system.  All of the research and reviews were very helpful because we had a much better idea of what to look for (considering we have never had any first hand experience, we didn't really have an opinion).

Here is the travel system we ordered.  Yes, it's a sexy beast.  Hope it's a good choice!  It's not a strong name brand, but I think it's a good value.

And it has speakers (c:

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