Thursday, April 14, 2011

Little Things to Live A Little Better

1) Hang a bundle of eucalyptus in the shower.  The steam activates the smell.  The article suggests doing this when you have a cough or cold, but I kinda want to do it all the time (c:  I can get a sprig of this stuff at Hobby Lobby for a few bucks and the article claims it lasts for a few weeks (c:

2) Make t-shirt pillows.  I do have a LOT of tshirts.  Maybe some of them would make worthy pillows... most of them I'd rather turn inside out and do my own design (bleach drawing makes for some neat effects!).  You know, for some day when I feel like getting my hands dirty and have nothing else to do.

3) Herbal fire starters.  Neat idea.  We don't have a fireplace [yet], or a huge garden with an abundance of herbs [yet], but one day I would love to make these.  They'd also make nice gifts! 

4) Dishwasher soap squirt bottle.  Genius!  I have a glass pump for my dishwasher soap now, but the pump is plastic (painted to look like metal...ew).  It has held up well and it looks nice (especially with bright red/orange grapefruit-scented dish soap), but the mechanics don't screw on well to the bottle anymore and I have a feeling it won't last forever.  When that thing dies, I'm getting that tough little squeeze bottle, seems just really practical and easy to keep clean.

Source: article on Whole Living called 25 Eco-Chic Ideas for Your Home

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  1. I'm going to make tshirt pillows, stat! It will help me recover some self esteem after the ottoman cover ;P lol