Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Week 32: Rumbling and Rolling

Had another routine doctor's appointment yesterday.  Everything is still textbook: belly size measuring right on, weight numbers good, blood pressure perfect (I am a little too proud about that...), etc.  Rockin' and rolling.

Speaking of which, I have had the pleasure of carrying an extremely active kid.  Since this is my first pregnancy and I haven't followed pregnant women around with my hand on their bellies all day, I can't be sure.  It does seem though like from my general surveying of other women's experiences, my kid seems off the Richter scale-wiggly.  He has been this way for months.  I am a little bummed that as he gets bigger, he supposedly will start to move less for lack of room.  I'll miss his rumbley tumbley routines.  One of my favorite things to do is lay in bed and watch him draw a limb across my belly.  Sometimes he goes back and forth, trying to get comfortable I guess.  I don't know why but I just want to laugh when he is doing that.  Something about it is funny.  Maybe it's just my pure joy.

I haven't really had any pain or discomfort due to his movements.  I've been told, "Just wait until he gets a foot in your ribs."  We'll see if I change my tune in the next 8 weeks.

I've had two amazing baby showers this month!  We have received a lot of what we'll need, though there are still a few things that I need to get before he arrives.  A lot can wait until afterwards.  I'm experiencing this feeling of surreality and having a hard time buying anything that we still need.  I guess I feel like it's too soon or I'm afraid I'll change my mind about it.  One thing that I am so thankful for is that Mom and Ruthie plan to come spend a week or two with me to help out.  I feel like other than a few basic items of clothing (in both newborn and 3-6 month sizes), a stock of disposable diapers (also newborn and 3-6 month sizes), the bathtub, and some breastfeeding gear, we'll be prepared to get through well enough until someone can go to the store for items we'll really need.  The biggest mystery that I'm sure all expectant families face is, "Is he going to bypass newborn sizes altogether?" rendering all newborn clothing and diapers useless.

We are postponing the crib purchase until after he comes.  We might wait until right when he needs it - like 3 months old?  Considering our volatile situation (Ryan looking for a job) we could be moving at any time in the next few months, so anything we can postpone would potentially make the move easier.  Also, I kind of like the idea of purchasing on an as-needed basis.  I am learning that about myself - I've trained my brain so well to analyze need vs. want that I have a lot of trouble buying something I don't need right now [this is with the exclusion of clothes and jewelry and frozen yogurt of course (c;].  And back to being glad about getting that help from Mom and Ruth - I feel like we'll be a lot more able to run out and get something with so many hands around to help.  Really takes a load off - so I will put my wallet away for now and rest in the fact that Target is just 10 minutes away (c:


  1. It will be my pleasure to run errands for you :)

  2. Loved the comment you just left on my blog! I don't even know if i ever said congrats! So HUGE congratulations - I can't wait to read about the rest of your amazing journey xxx

    ps my measurements & bp were always spot-on too, and I was sooo proud too lol. no harm really! ;)

  3. ooh btw - the hiccups won't stop once he's born! Emily started hiccuping within an hour of her birth, and basically hasn't stopped lol x