Thursday, February 25, 2010

All Your Reasons

It's already Thursday at 3:45p.m. This week is already almost to the point where I start celebrating the weekend. Wow, I gotta say, that was kinda fast. Woot.

Routine has definitely taken over. Everyday: struggle to wake up, kiss husband and wish him a good day, go to work just a couple minutes late, do work-things while drinking the Arizona lemon tea from the break room, take a late, short lunch and read a bit in Texas Monthly knowing I am building up justification for that someday in the future when I want to take off a couple of hours early, let the afternoon fly by as the last half hour drags itself out, drive home thinking of ways to pass the time before Ryan gets home. On MWF by the time I cook and do the dishes he is usually home, and on T/Th, I usually do a little laundry and dishes and then give in to episode after episode of The Office. Pack lunches for the next day, go to bed later than I want to. Next day begins again.

I'm not sure I like routine. There are things about it like, like dreaming of a schedule in which I have a day where I cook, a day where I do laundry, a day where I work on projects, etc. But it doesn't work like that. If I set aside Tuesdays for laundry, the inevitably I won't feel like doing laundry on Tuesday, or there will be something else that needs to be prioritized. I'm not complaining. I think I'm obsessed with planning but following the plan is not really that important.

Anywho, I just found out that Jac's not going to be able to join us for our Thursday chill time. Will surely miss her this week, haven't seen her a whole lot recently. I was thinking about getting around to wrapping a box in some fabric tonight. I think it would be cool if we could all just get together every week and do our thing like homework or watch a movie or work on a project or make something interesting to eat. I like having teh girls over and I would love it if we found a game or a show that could be our weekly vice.

We were so proud because we did our taxes early and muscled through them and were happy with our return. Then we learned we did something wrong and the IRS wouldn't accept them... but I think the error has nothing to do with changing amounts or anything, I think it's just like, some kind of info or ID number that wasn't right. So hopefully it'll be a quick fix and won't take away from our return... *crosses fingers*

Yes, Rob Thomas is back on my iTunes. He never gets off my iTunes, actually. It's either Rob Thomas or nothing at all, with few exceptions.

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