Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Day!

Husband has no class, but he went in to work today.  I went to work, too.  I can't really say it's torturous to make us work on the one day we have gotten any worthwhile snow in 20 years, but I would rather be out playing in it.  However, somehow 6 inches of snow makes a Friday at the office fun.  My boss and the inventory guy built a snow man this morning and decked it out with ABC gear, tootsie rolls, and some 2" black hoses for arms.  I took pictures.  As they were finishing him off, we noticed about 6 guys at the tire shop across the street whooping and hollering at us.  They stepped aside to reveal a much bigger snowman.  It doesn't show well in the picture, oh well.  So we lost the competition we didn't know we were in, but it was great fun!  Notice their gloves in the second picture.  Don (right) went and put on some plastic gloves that we sell because his hands got really cold, and Dereck borrowed Miss V's gloves which she emphatically told him not to stretch out.  Haha!

I hope the snow is still around when we all get off today.  I have a meeting at 3, and then I get to go to a ribbon cutting at a local pub and pizzeria, haha!  I am looking forward to trying their pizza (c:  Since that is at 4 and on the other side of town, I will probably just go home afterward.  So today is going to seem short (c:  I like how it's panning out.

I like the snow much more than I thought I would!  All of these years I have considered snow to just be cold and miserable.  I have experienced it in Colorado, Amarillo, and New Mexico, but to have it snow in the town where you live is something really special for some reason.  I guess it's because I get to see all of the places I'm familiar with covered in snow and it's just so weird that it delights me!

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