Friday, February 5, 2010

Worms for Pets

Ok, I have a slight obsession at the moment.  I always have an ache to take care of things, whether it be plants or animals or my dear hubbs.  I like to have little daily tasks that I do and watch the benefactors prosper and grow over time.  I guess it's a girl thing... probably some maternal instinct.  When we first moved into our place, we sort of talked about getting a guinea pig if our complex would allow us to keep it on the porch in a nice, weatherproof hutch without paying the pet deposit.  Ryan was all on-board with it once he learned that the guinea pigs eat vegetable scraps, therefore reducing our waste.  We never got around to asking about that, but I think at the back of my mind it may not be allowed.  So, we got the fishbowl and the fish, and you know how that turned out. 

This blog that Christine introduced me to, Apartment Therapy, had an article on building your own worm habitat.  I had never heard of that before, and it kind of shocked me because it seems like many of the readers on that blog are... I don't know, kind of, not into that sort of thing?  I mean, they think it's gross and unacceptable if you don't wash your comforter at least once a year [maybe you think that's gross too... but they're really hard to wash, ok???]  I was curious because it sounds like it would not only be fun, it would be a cool thing to do for my plants.  I have been a little concerned that the soil for my plants is not good enough.  The article teaches you how to make your own worm habitat and has links to places you can order these worms.  I'm really excited, because I considered just buying the kit so I'd be sure to have everything I needed, but they're really pretty expensive.  I think we can actually do a pretty good job of making a worm habitat and ship off for them.  I can't wait to tell Ryan about it!

Then again, I did like imagining me and my guinea pig sitting out in the grassy area in front of our apartment on a summer day.  Him chomping on some grass, me getting some sun.  It would be great!! 

*sigh* now what am I going to do??

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