Friday, May 14, 2010

2010 Portrait 1: Justin


After almost 5 months into this blog that was supposed to document me pushing myself to paint more, I have finished a painting.  This is my mother's day gift to my mom.  I did Ruthie a few years ago and she wanted one of each of us, so here is my brother, Justin. 

Painting him was a lesson in teeth.  I re-did his smile 3 times and I only wish I got pictures of each one, because at one point he looked quite British (c:  He is currently almost finished with his braces, so I guess I could have chosen a photo with his straight teeth and left the metal off, but I couldn't resist his slightly crooked smile, it's so characteristic of him.  And since I haven't been with him much since he's been a brace face, this is how I still see him in my mind. 

His hair is much different now than it was here.  It has probably changed since I just saw him over Easter, but at that time it was black and he had an asymmetrical haircut with his bangs longer on one side.  He pulls it off, but you know, it's going to be fun to look at pictures of his changing hair in 20 years!

Something that kept hitting me was how much he looks like my dad.  I've always thought he looks so much like my uncle Kenny on my mom's side, but he definitely has my dad's eyes.  I wonder if mom sees it that way.

Love my brother and loved painting him.  Especially loved seeing what he would look like with gigantic disproportional teeth! 

Looking forward to more.  I know exactly what I'm going to paint next (c:

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