Thursday, January 21, 2010

Can't Always Be Up

Wow, I'm really thankful.  This week has flown by pretty fast.  That's always nice, especially if your week was bummy like mine.  Ryan and I have both been in a depressed funk for the entire week.  I have a few theories as to why, but I think it's the collection of less-than-ideal situations that has both of us on edge.  He started class this week, meaning much less work and fewer evenings at home.  Less work means less money, so he's stressed about money.  I'm really not.  There are others but you don't want to read all about my complaints.

It's just a fact of life, you can't always be up.  We can learn a lot from black and white.  They are as different as anything can get, except you wouldn't know one without knowledge of the other.  Or apples.  What's a really good apple taste like?  I'd have no idea if I didn't bite into grainy, bitter one every once in a while [red delicious, i'm looking at you].  So really, we can't judge anything if we don't have something to compare it to.

I guess that is the problem with dating.  Many people date and start to get the idea that they've found the one they want.  Anyone I've ever dated I thought I would end up with.  I didn't know you could really know without a doubt until I really knew.  Once I had gained that knowledge, I realized how little I knew before.  Of course, then it was too late.  Now when I get the opportunity to talk to dating girls, I wish desperately that they would listen.  If you have to ask, then you don't know.  And if you know, then you know.  Everyone wants to think they are the exception to the rule.  But it's a rule I'll stick by for a reason.  Don't make it so complicated! 

Tonight Jac and Christine, and hopefully Rachel are going to come over for a bit and play Mario Cart and Wave Race.  Hubbs has class til 9 so they are kind enough to keep me company!  I'll probably be on campus a lot more this semester because I won't like being home alone, but something tells me that the hand full of hours to myself each week should be used for something.  It's terrible for Ryan, but somehow I just don't feel motivated to do the things he hates to do when he's not there... :P  But really I am lost as to what to do with myself.  I feel like I have no purpose.  And no offense to my friends, but most of the time I don't feel like being with anyone if I can't be with him.  How pathetic does that sound?  I gotta work on that...

Well I do have one small thing that helps me through my day to day.  I got new shampoo and conditioner, decided to spend a little more on some quality stuff, and my hair has felt really nice all week.  It's Redken All-Soft.  The description said it was for brittle, dry hair, which was the case with me.  I guess it's the cold weather that made my hair really dry.  Plus, I don't always condition it because it weighs it down and gets oily-looking by the end of the day.  This product is just what I was looking for.  My hair is really soft and shiny, but not weighed down.  Also much easier to manage.

I try not to sound like a commercial... sorry.  I really like it though.  Ulta was having a sale on them... and yeah they cost more than the Equate knockoffs I get at walmart for $0.99 a bottle.  A 33 ounce bottle will run you about $14.  I figure I've done my time though.  As an RA, you get a lot of free shampoo at the end of each semester.  No one wants to pack it, so they leave it to the RA (c:  I don't think I've had to buy shampoo or conditioner for at least a year.  And that bottle will last me like 6 months!  Ohh yeah it also smells distinctly like butter and honey...mmmm sopapillas!

Tomorrow I get to have lunch with Whitney.  I'm really honored that I get to see her so soon, makes me feel like VIP (c:

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