Monday, January 4, 2010

Hello, My Name Is: Bomb Diggiddy

If someone were to ask you what you considered yourself a relative expert in, what would it be?  We all have little stashes of knowledge that our peers probably don't have.  Maybe you never thought anyone would find it useful.  Anyway, if you've been holding out on me and you're just really amazing at making tiramisu [a skill I would love to learn!] then fill me in!!!
As for you all, if you ever have something valuable or sentimental that you want to preserve or display in a frame, then I'd be glad to help you know what you need.  I worked in high-end custom picture framing for several years and my Grandad [who owned the shop I worked in] invested time and money teaching me and taking me to workshops to learn the latest framing conservation techniques.  It's something I really loved doing and I like to think I'm realistic and practical about what needs to be done.  It can get expensive, but I can help you know what you do and don't need, as well as help you find a shop that offers the treatment your project needs.
So what's your expertise?

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