Thursday, January 7, 2010

Google Looks Good On You

Today I have nothing on my mind except getting off in an hour and 45 minutes to hit the road and get to San Antonio.  According to Google Maps, it will take us 6 hours and 7 minutes to get there.  I am getting off at four, then running home to throw the last minute stuff together (dryer wasn't done drying this morning), and Ryan will arrive around 4:20.  Then we'll hit the road, I'm estimating at the quickest 4:30.  So we should be arriving just in time to miss the party... *sigh* oh well.  At least I will be there for all of the "late night chit chat," which, if you ever watched SNL when it was good, you know refers to the way girls always want to stay up late and talk but everyone crashes.  I am going to fuel myself up on coffee at the first decent coffee vendor I can and then call when we're closer and try to decifer if I should take another coffee dose or not. 
Google is amazing.  Next week at work, I'm planning to dive into all of the wonders of Google.  I use Google Alerts and Google Docs and Google Calendar, and of course Gmail and G-Chat daily.  But I am learning about ways Google actually tracks the success of your advertising.  I don't know much about it yet but I am wondering how I can further put it to work for ABC.  And it's free so I can experiment all I want. 
Ryan bought me an awesome scarf... just gotta say.  I love it.

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