Tuesday, January 19, 2010


This word is now taboo.  We have rearranged 3 times upstairs and 2 downstairs in 7 months.  It does sound like a lot... anyway, I found this website today that I would have loved to know about before we did any rearranging. 

A Simple Measure

So that's for you, the next time you rearrange.  I won't be needing it any time soon.

I am looking for websites with elements that would be good for ABC's new website.  I have been working on designs myself, but as much as I try to follow my boss' instructions, I can't seem to hit it with him.  It actually seems like it's getting worse.  Anyway, here is my latest version.  I would really love to go with a more Texas home-town theme, but he's all about the clean and shiny.  So we have vast differences in taste, which makes it really hard for me to catch his vision.  It's a good thing I don't do graphic design for a living...mostly.  We're trying to give the designers we have hired some idea of what we're looking for though, and I still think a crappy rendition of we want is better than telling them that we like all of this random stuff from other sites.

So here is the latest.

I am reluctant to throw  a bunch of promotions and rotating flash images in the center there, although I have thought about it a lot and I just don't know what else to do.  I think it has to be done really carefully... I don't want it to be another one of those crummy cluttered sites and thankfully my boss agrees, but he still thinks we should have them on there.  There's got to be a stylish way to do it.  I'll be working on that.

For now, I am heading to Luby's for a Chamber Ambassador's meeting.  I haven't been to Luby's in over a decade for good reason.  Makes me feel a little sick thinking about my last experience.

Sorry for glumness.  Today hasn't been the greatest and there's not a lot of chance it will resolve itself soon.  Anyway, hope it does and hope you have a good day.

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