Tuesday, January 5, 2010

In the Right Direction

I officially have a paint corner!  We cleared out the awkward space in the corner above the stairwell and it's going to be perfect for me to keep my easel set up all the time.  It has it's own window, and it's really out of the way so I won't have to move it or worry about tripping over it.  It can just be there ready for me all the time for whenever I have an hour or two to spare. 
Tonight we're having the Brewer's over.  I think we're going to experiment with some lasagna.  We have a lot of ham, and we figure, hey, ham is good on pizza.  Pizza is kind of like lasagna.  So, we're putting ham in the lasagna instead of beef.  It seemed like it should have something else (and Ryan didn't want to do pineapple, though I think that would be really good!), so we are throwing in pepperoni.  Ham/Pepperoni lasagna.  I'll let ya know how it goes.  Hey, if we get our camera today like we're supposed to, then I'll even take a picture of it for you! 
The spooky movie we watched over a week ago is still haunting me.  Apparently it's on Ryan's mind, too.  I hung a hook at the bottom of the stairwell for coats and umbrellas, and it has my big black coat hanging on it.  Ryan went to go downstairs this morning and got freaked out by it because he's not used to it being there!  It really is creepy out of the corner of your eye.  Hm... might have to demote it to an umbrellas only rack. 
We finally got a tomato off of our little plant this past weekend!  He has been on there a long time, but stopped getting any bigger so we plucked him off.  He's still really green... just waiting for him to turn red.  Meanwhile, another little baby one is on its way.  Speaking of plant babies, my big aloe vera is poppin out baby aloe veras left and right suddenly.  I gotta buy more pots!  I am thinking they might make a good gift... anyone want a baby aloe vera?  They're really very cute. 
We started watching a show called Weeds on Netflix.  Well, we have only watched two episdoes.  We watched one the other night, but it sucked so we moved on.  We decided to give it another chance, and it still sucks.  For some reason it ran for 5 seasons.  Anyone a fan of Weeds? Yeah you might want to keep that to yourself. 
So Whitney and Jerod are getting married this weekend!  I am really super excited about it but there is no one around that really knows her like I do, so it's kind of hard to share the excitement.  I can't wait to travel down there and be with the party.  I am even more excited about my theory that I'll get to see her more after she gets married because things will finally settle down for them.  She'll be living here [10 minutes down the road from us] year round and working in Longview like me.  I think stuff will change and get better even more than I can anticipate now. 

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