Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Here Comes The Sun

It's gorgeous outside!!  I went home to grab a coupon for much Chik-fil-a lunch with Jac and took a moment to dump this morning's coffee grounds into the compost bin and stare at my plants.  I like to imagine how big and bushy the herbs are going to get once they have full-on days of sun.  We've had them for months, but I seldom cook with them because they are still so small I feel like they need all of their foliage to soak up all the sun they can.  When they get bigger, I hope to master drying them so we can enjoy fresh herbs.  I sometimes cook with them when they're green, but I have read that they are actually more potent after they're dried.  Interesting. 

So I just looked up how to dry them properly, and I am glad to find out that it can be done by just air drying them for several weeks or just in the toaster oven for about 45 minutes.  Nifty!  I just bought all new things of spices from the store... they are wicked expensive, so I am really hoping this works out.  Dried herbs would make nice gifts, too, if I can get the plants big enough.

All of this is reminding me of the time that we used to write quotes on post-its and hang them up in our hallway in the dorm near BeccaBecca and Kate's room.  One day Rachel spat out, "Horticulture" and it was instantly a added to the wall.  Good times.  There are certainly things I miss about living with a bunch of girls.

On another note, I use iGoogle and I have an "art of the day" gadget.  Every once in a blue moon the "art of the day" is something I wouldn't exactly like to be caught with on my screen, if you know what I mean.  Either that or it's just really disturbing.  So I'll hit refresh and get it to change to another picture.  Well, last Thursday, the "art of the day" was one of those, and right as I was about to methodically hit "refresh," I noticed the man in the picture looked a whole lot like Ryan!  I am including a crop of the image for your sake, if you want to look up the image yourself sometime that's up to you. 

Ok, now I was curious.  I had to know something about the picture.  I followed the link to its Wikipedia article and I was astounded at what I learned. 

The painting is actually quite meaningful, too, and kind of thought-provoking to learn not only who, but what is being represented.  So, in case you haven't noticed, I am not going to tell you who it is.  What do you think?  Or maybe I've been just living under a rock and everyone has seen this work.  (c:


  1. but how can we research it if we don't even know what the painting is called or have a link to it? :(

  2. Well I will tell you what it is in my next post. I was expecting you to try a guess first!

  3. I just don't know what I would search for... somehow I don't think googling "naked man art" would get me results I want! ;)