Monday, March 15, 2010

Pictures from 2010

In case you were still wondering about that painting from before, it's called October 26, 1993 and it's a painting of a photograph taken of John Lennon and Yoko Ono.  Yes, there are instances where Ryan's resemblance to John Lennon is uncanny, but I personally think my husband is much hotter.  

See?  He's much more adorable. 

This is from when he took apart my iMac.  You remember...

Here are the stars of our patio garden.

Our second tomato off of our plant was a bit deformed.

The herbs before we moved them to real pots.

He wasn't ready for this one. (c:

Collage with all of those CD booklets that we couldn't bring ourselves to throw away.
"Practice safe coffee.  Always use a bongo coffee condom. We appreciate your addiction."
Lauren Brewer gave Ryan the nickname "Twitchy" years ago.  When I came along, naturally I was "TwitchyBait."  This was from the envelope that they gave us a card in for our wedding.

It's alive!!

Snow (c:

Barcode doormat, one of our Valentine's Day exchanges (c:

Flowers, not all the way awake yet.  But I love Peruvian Lillies, they are so pretty and they last forever!

All-edges brownies for V-day!

Remember the retarded tomato? 

Our plants staying all warm and cozy inside.

Honey getting in some video games.  In case you haven't noticed a theme with the car seats thus far, we have taken both my car and the baby truck's interiors apart almost completely in the last month.  Ryan changed out the stereo in my car, and it required him to remove the seat.  And the baby truck, well...

There is a water leak on the back glass.  We kept noticing it getting stinkier and stinkier in there, and one day Ryan felt the carpet and it was soaking wet and it hadn't rained for like 2 weeks.  So yeah, this past weekend we took EVERYTHING out of the interior.  Seats, visors, carpet... right now it's just an empty hollow metal cabin.  I washed every last one of the plastic pieces with soap and water and then Armoraled them.  Some of them had mildew and Ryan even found some algae spots.  We also found about a dollar in change, so, there's the tip (c:
This is probably one of my favorite spots in our apartment.  We severely lack drawer space, but it drove me to a much more favorable solution.  I love being able to display my pretty orange cooking utensils!  These were a wedding gift from my uncle, aunt, and cousins. 

Over the stove, looking rather empty.  This must have been right after I did a lot of cooking and most of my utensils were being washed.

We found this neat wine rack at Ikea.  We don't drink a lot of wine though, lol, so right now it just houses Tito's and Kahlua.

 Ryan's super-sturdy shelves that he installed in our laundry closet. 

Babysitting Ellie Mae.

She looks a little worried!

John and Ellen coming back to pick up their kiddo after their day-after-Valentine's Day date.

Alllllmooost a laugh.  So close!

I caught you vacuuming the stairs!!

My 1st attempt at homemade beer pretzels.

A hearty-beef soup with cheese biscuit recipe that Ryan loved so much he took a picture of it (c:

And last but not least, we ate pie on Pi Day (yesterday).  Marie Callenders made us this dutch apple pie, and we stayed up late last night cooking it and eating it with Blue Bell's Homemade Vanilla and watching The Office.  It was a splurge on so many levels, but it was worth it!!

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