Wednesday, March 31, 2010


What an amazing thing!  I just got back to my desk to find that Ryan and I have received an Easter present from his parents:  a Rosemary Bonsai.

I am definitely going home for lunch now to get this little guy settled in.  How exciting!  And how delicious he smells.  You know what comes next... gotta give it a name!  I'll let you know after we decide (c:

Rosemary is the traditional symbol of remembrance.  Very appropriate for Easter.

Also, I have the opportunity to go to San Antonio for a work conference at the end of May.  Ryan and I will get to stay in one of the nicest hotels on the Riverwalk and go to receptions with dinner and drinks in the evenings.  I'm also hoping we'll get some time with my family and Laura and David.  Sounds spectacular right?  Oh my life does seem like it's exciting sometimes (c:

This weekend we're planning to go camping.  However, it's supposed to be raining all weekend, and Ryan and I are the only two out of 7 people with a tent.  Either we all get to snuggle, or we'll be crashing my aunt and uncle's house (who live in the town where we're camping). 

Either way, I am hoping for a weekend full of laughs (as is always the case with Colleen). 

Hope all have a happy Easter!  Remember why (c:

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  1. this guy that lived in my apartment complex in NC had like 20 bonsai's outside on the porch. it was like walking through a bonsai forest! I like yours a lot and good symbolism indeed!