Friday, March 26, 2010

Junior Achievement Part II

Well, it's freshly over.  My first day.  I was so nervous!  Ms. Hamilton could tell, because she said, "don't worry, they're sweet, innocent kids!"  I was appreciative of her but also embarrassed.  She left the room and that actually helped me a lot!  Even though I'm not sure she's supposed to do that...  anyway, I felt a lot better without her in there and more like I could just relax with the kids.  They were everywhere!!  Everyone wanted to volunteer, ask/answer questions, tell me about their parent's jobs, "My mom works at Shack Daddy's!!"  "My daddy was a soldier and he died."  I was told that the kids would tell me stuff that may be a little awkward, and I was just told to say, "Oh ok!" and move on.  Which I did, but it was hard!

One little girl ran up and gave me hugs at three random times, which I was also told would happen.  How cute!

They were very still and behaved at the beginning of class, but before long, they were out of their seats, surrounding me, tugging on me, telling me things, asking questions.  Wanting to know if they could volunteer.  Wanting to know when I'd be back.  It was a flurry of 2nd graders!

They are awesome though.  So sweet and so interested, and so enthusiastic!  Next time I will be better prepared for them.  I'll draw out three main questions I want to really discuss with them.  As it was, the bazillion questions I had lined up and talking points were futile against the chaotic distractions and I was lost right after I introduced myself.

As I drove away, I thought: my mom is a teacher.  My great-grandmother was a teacher.  Maybe it skips a generation, because I don't think I have the gift.

Now, Elaine totally does.  She embodies elementary school teacher.  She has a "teacher voice" and her ideas are so perfect.  You know the kids would love the activities she comes up with, but at the same time, they are formulated so perfectly that there is that element of child psychology that helps them really learn.

Jacque is going to be a high school teacher, and I never really saw that side of her until last night.  She will be one of those respected teachers, I think.  She talks about wanting to teach them how to learn rather than memorizing history dates.  But she's really behind it, as if no one had ever had that concept before and it was all her own.  She really owns it. 

Anyway, I'm sure they are both weirded out that I'm talking about them on my blog.  Too bad!  :P

Yay, it's almost time to auction off the goodies at the bake sale!!  I made cinnamon sugar biscotti.  I'm excited to see who will want it.  My boss bought cupcakes and claimed to have made them himself.  Oh yeah, Dereck, and I'm sure you just keep edible glitter on hand at all times for occasions such as this.  I've got my eye on our receptionist's Berry Good Vanilla cake.  It looks like just a simple white cake, but the frosting is luscious looking.  Not in a "I'm going to die from a sugar attack!" sort of way, but a creamy, maybe sour cream or cream cheese sort of way.  MMmmmm,and it all is built up to a pile of blueberries and strawberries on top.  Nice!

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