Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Lots of stuff going on lately. Not really much that is blog-worthy.

Saturday I pulled all of the drawers out of our chest of drawers that we use downstairs for miscellaneous things (mainly old video games and all of their paraphernalia). I took off all of the hardware and wood-puttied the holes, then let them dry while I sanded and put primer on a random two-drawer side-table/nightstand thing. After sanding all of the drawers' hardware holes down (there are 10 drawers), I was completely bushed and covered in fine dust. I love showers and TV that come after working really hard.

Last night I went straight to work on the drawers again. I wiped them all down to get rid of the dust and pollen that hat settled, then primered all of them inside and out. I plan on jumping on the "paint the inside of drawers/door jams an unexpected color" trend. I'm really excited about it (c: The drawers already look a million times better in their streaky primer white. They were so covered in stains and glue gobs and capless marker trails. Once I get done with that thing no one will ever guess it was my brother's childhood dresser.

It won't be complete, however, until we make the largest purchase in our marriage thus far: a new TV. We are dumping our faithful TV. Yes, that's right. As much as we take pride and joy in the things we have acquired free from friends, family and the dumpster, it suddenly occurred to me that that television is way too big! In a 700 sq-ft apartment, it is hogging lots of precious space. Besides, in the even that we move (which we expect will be in another year), we will have far less head and backache if we have already found a new home for it. We decided that benefit, along with the amount of space it will free up, and possibly the amount of $$$ we safe on electricity is enough to justify the purchase. And if not, well, let our materialistic want fill in the rest.

Tonight I am going shopping for hardware at Hobby Lobby. They almost always have it 50% off and it's that artsy stuff I like. We have some contemporary nickel-finish knobs that we swiped off of a chest of drawers that we have previously disposed of, so I am hopeful to find some that will mix well with those and bring a lot more character to the dresser.

I did finally check dying the couch cover off of my to-do list. It turned out an odd green/gray, or maybe blue/gray, I can't really decide. In theory it clashes with the green wall next to it, but as a whole it kind of fits in with my "almost cool but not quite" style. Just so long as I'm consistent (c:

We are expecting to have a lot of time to work on projects the next couple of weeks. Ryan and I love the project-a-holic in each other. Last night was one of those perfect evenings for us: me painting on the porch, getting every last bit of evening sun I can with my tube top and shorts, and him across the parking lot laying in the dirt under the truck. I finished up a bit before him, so I put supper on and went out to fill my "hand me that tool" role. We finished up just as the sun started going down and we went inside to find the salmon perfectly baked and ate it over two episodes of Desperate Housewives. I could live every day like that (c:

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