Monday, January 3, 2011

Week 16: Side Sleeper

I started to avoid sleeping on my back last week when I read that the pressure from my uterus on my spine can inhibit circulation to the baby. I have started using a body pillow and sleep on one side or the other. I always preferred sleeping on my side until now when I don't have an option not to! Sometimes I indulge in laying on my back for a few minutes, and sometimes Ryan wakes me up in the middle of the night to roll over because I'm not laying on my side like I should. So in addition to the long weekend and my schedule being off, sleep has not been so great.

I received a big box of maternity clothes from a girl at church - they are all cute items and I was so grateful to get them. A few items are too small, but I'll pass those on to Whitney. She has a few items that are too big so we'll just have ourselves a little swap (c: I probably have enough maternity clothes to get by for a while now, however I do have a gift card to the Motherhood store courtesy of the Brewers for when I get my next shopping urge.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with the doctor. I don't know what we're going to discuss specifically, but I always love the check-in. Especially since it's been over a month since I've had it and I am pretty convinced that I am a little farther along than the ultrasound technician thought. I want to get the doc's opinion.

Ryan and I are hoping to make a trip to San Antonio this month, so I am hoping we can squeeze in the gender appointment before we leave for that trip. I will schedule that appointment tomorrow, and *crosses fingers* hopefully we are looking at no later than the 13th. That is in t e n d a y s. Woo!

Last week, we got a bill in the mail from the clinic that we were not expecting. I was shocked and overwhelmed because I knew I would have to figure out this health insurance business once and for all, a task I was not looking forward to taking on. After conversations with a girl who does our insurance here at work, the clinic billing department, and finally a very patient and helpful agent of my insurance company, I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on it. Ryan and I moved some numbers around and by the grace of God we'll be able to handle it just fine. I feel just a little bit more grown up and knowledgeable about the world now (c;

Oh yeah, hello 2011!

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