Thursday, April 15, 2010

Colore Tierra

I got some new hardware for the dresser from Hobby Lobby.  This stuff is 50% off 50% of the time, but I happened to be there with a need for it when it was not on sale.  Oh well.  I got an assortment of drawer pulls to finish off the drawers once their done with their painting treatment.  How's that going, anyway?

I am determined to use the 5 or 6 different paint colors we have on this project and not buy anymore.  However, I reached a point in my process last night where I wasn't sure if it'd be possible.  I wanted yellow ochre and teal, and what I was getting looked more like an Easter egg (I just really don't like pastels. Period.)  It's because I didn't have a rich enough blue and I knew it, I had just hoped it would magically appear.

I did end up mixing a more tolerable shade of green and so I'm running with that on the faces of the drawers.  I'll be painting over the mint green with a color that I is yet unknown to me tonight.  The two brown drawers happened before I mixed my happy green, but maybe I'll leave them.  It might add some asymmetry. 

This is where the drawers normally live.  Can you see how the TV is bending the dresser in the center?  We are soooo offloading that monster this weekend.  The other drawers came out fine, but that last one is actually acting as a support and will not come out easily.  I'm scared to take it out, so it will have to wait until the other drawers are finished, and then I'll have to set up a drop cloth inside and give it special treatment.

This is what we're having for supper tomorrow night.  I was getting the marinade ready on my lunch break when I took these other pictures so I thought I'd toss this one in (c:

I started wrapping boxes in fabric to create more aesthetically pleasing storage. I reorganized the laundry room in hopes that my second fabric-wrapped box would make it a little more organized-looking in there.  Someday I'll get around to wrapping those others.

Plants are lovin all the sun!

This is my other random set of drawers that still needs one more coat of green paint, but I'm very happy with the way it's turning out.  I can't decide which knobs to put on it though... lime green is a fun contrast (and I love the way the lime pops against the darker green) or the classy/artsy of the black and white knobs.  What do you think?


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  2. How bout one of each for the green drawers? I think that might look cute and funky... you have so many cute little drawer knobs though!

    Let us know how the chicken turns out.... I might have to try the recipe sometime - it sounds gooood.

    (sorry, I had a spelling error in the last post that bugged me)

  3. Chicken was pretty good and tender. I might use the recipe again when I want to make sure it's going to come out good and flavorful. But I'd rather find a healthier recipe - this one was really fattening. After all, it gets melted butter and shortening poured over it!!! (I actually think that could have been left off)

  4. I like the black and white knob. What cute ideas you have! That dresser will never look the same!