Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April Pictures

Ryan playing with Ellie Mae.

She is a cute thumb sucker (c:

My cherry/pineapple "plaid pie"

You know how I like a space-saver.  Our new spice rack that we found at a resale shop (c:  Yay, freed cabinet space for $2.49!

It finally occurred to us to put books on our bookshelf.  Go figure.

The finished project.

These glasses from our wedding were still packed in a box.  Thought I'd try them out for a while and see if we want to keep them or not.
I know that empty picture frames are just a fad, but I like them.  Also in this picture, my repair on the red curtains.  They originally hung by red loops which would have been fine if we had a nice curtain rod, but we just have the cheapy ones that get the job done, so I folded over the top and made a new loop to cover the rod entirely.  Now my curtains are a little too short but sewing some trim on there will fix it and be a cinch.

I don't know if I have ever put a picture of our Ikea mag rack, but I love it. 

My very favorite soap dish ever (c:

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