Friday, April 16, 2010


I know it's really weird, but I have a strange fascination with Donald Sutherland.  I really don't know anything about him, but I really like the roles I've seen him act in.  I just can't get enough, I think he's so interesting.

I know what it is.  He reminds me so much of a friend I had once.  Sutherland has the same kind of cool.  It makes me crush on him just a bit.  Yes, Ryan knows about this, lol.

He's like 75 now but he still has the charm (c:

If you've never heard his voice, that really completes the rest of it.  You gotta see him in the TV series, Dirty Sexy Money or in his younger years, in Kelly's Heros.  The knowledge that he plays Hawkeye Pierce in an older version of M*A*S*H* is just too much for my brain and the day I experience that I'm sure he'll climb to a new level of awesome.


  1. He played HAWKEYE???!?! Whoa... I don't know if I would like that - I have such a love for alan Alda in that role... Have to check it out!!!

  2. Yes I agree it will be weird because I'll find myself torn between to Hawkeyes... I don't know which one I'll like best!