Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"We're all in this alone." - Lily Tomlin

Marketing is both an art and a science. I am not a math/science person. Folks who are tend to be less artistically inclined. But its surprising to me how I want to dive more into the science of it at this point. I want to do less "using my gut" when it comes to marketing and more spreadsheets and graphs to depict interesting trends.

The art of marketing is sort of where you start, I guess. Maybe it's also where you finish. You hypothesize about where to look for the information you need which is more often than not a matter of using your instincts and own experience. Then you gather the information and measure it in a scientific manner. Sales went down. There is always a reason. Then you have to return to guessing to come up with a reasonable explanation. Or maybe a couple of reasonable explanations (c: Sales might be down because it's summer time and you're trying to sell ice scrapers (c;

I don't know where I'm going with this, I thought it was somewhere. I guess that quote by Tomlin made me think about how Marketing is trying to find a common thread among a majority of people to pull them in. We all have commonalities that marketing has exhausted, and now we're trying to get fight the individualism. Marketing tries to group people together while people are trying to be more and more unique. But then, we have that in common too, don't we? Thus is the challenge.


I am feeling better today. This weekend is going to be very busy but very fun. We made two changes in our apartment that had a huge impact on the amount of space we have. 1) we sold the 37" CRT TV and 2) we turned the desk against the wall (vs. perpendicular to it). I didn't know it would make such a huge difference and I suddenly feel like we have a new apartment... almost.

Saturday is Nerd Games, so Ryan and the boys will be at Barry's. The girls will be at a Southern Living "Death by Chocolate" party at Ellen's. I'm not a big fan of chocolate so I might be the only survivor (c; Afterwards, us girls are going to the Page Pub and perhaps the Cinco de Mayo celebration at Maude Cobb. I would really love to do that!

Sunday, we're having awesome people over for hamburgers and I just look forward to entertaining and seeing them since the semester is almost over and we haven't spent much time with them.

This morning Ryan told me I was awesome and wanted me to remember it so here I am basking in his approval (c: Maybe it was the bagels and Bumble & Brown strawberry spread? I don't know, but it sure is nice to have his love.

Today: lunch with the girls at Las Delicias which is indeed delicious (c:

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