Friday, April 23, 2010

Projects: Intruder Welcoming Kit

There are a couple of goals I am going to set for this weekend.  Yesterday evening I was extremely tired, but I did manage to get a lot done.  I think I was in some sort of daze.  Before I knew it, Ryan was home and I realized I had been working on our house for 4 hours straight.  I cleaned the kitchen, including some big dishes that I had been "letting soak" (aka putting off washing) all week.  Swept and mopped the kitchen.  Put some beans in a pot to soak overnight.  Made myself macaroni for supper.  Put compost on my plants as fertilizer.  Picked up downstairs and vacuumed.  Hung the downstairs curtain rod and a curtain (yes just one... we didn't realize only one panel comes in a package. Grr.)  Used a space bag for the first time (really, it brought down my comforter to like 1/4 of it's size).  Washed a load of whites.  Put all the clothes away upstairs (they tend to build up in little piles throughout the week).  Hung 4 picture frames and my diploma.  Cleaned the lavatory and mirror in the bathroom.  Finished unpacking a travel bag that never got fully put away from our last trip. 

It was actually quite a lot. 

Apartment Therapy posted an article asking what everyone is planning to accomplish this weekend.  Last weekend I finished up that dresser (pictures coming soon).  This weekend I have some sewing projects in mind, now that the apartment is much  more under control.  AT has been on a kick lately on the many unconventional uses of shoe-organizers.  We have one that we use for belts and gloves.  But we really  need a solution for our medicines.  We have them all stuffed in a shoebox at the moment, but not everything will fit, so we have these bottles in random places.  The Mucinex has been residing in with the drinking glasses for several months, because it won't fit where it belongs!  I don't even know how many bottles of Ibprofen we have scattered around. 

So I'll just sew a miniature shoe-organizer: a panel of fabric with various sized pockets for medicine bottles, aloe vera, sunscreen, boxes of gelcaps, etc.  Yes, I am a genius. lol... we will see when it's done.

My other project is top-secret.  However I know my husband doesn't read my blog, so even though this information is right under his nose, I feel completely safe revealing it (c:  As part of his birthday gift (coming up on May 22), I am going to make him a gun-holster that hangs off the side of the mattress.  It'll have pockets for the clips, too.  He currently keeps his 45 on the nightstand, which I'm sure helps both of us sleep better at night.  But it makes me nervous to have it on our make-shift nightstand which isn't very even-surfaced, along with our books, glasses of water, flashlight, Ibprofen bottles (c;, and glasses, etc.  Maybe I should just make a pocket for his flashlight, too.  It'll be the "Intruder Welcoming Kit."  Yes, I like that.  I'm so stenciling that on the side!

Now, the difficulty comes in how to make it manly with the fabric I already have on hand...

Oh P.S., I have some amazing footage of Ellie Mae that I completely forgot we had.  I'll be posting it this weekend (c:

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