Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dreams Becoming A Reality

So today I can totally feel my uterus. It's uncomfortable. Not as soft as I would have thought. Pressure, pinching... the kiddo probably is not too happy about it either. *sits up straighter* <-- that helps. The baby's the size of a strawberry now. Everything's supposed to be fully formed, just a matter of getting bigger and cuter (c: I hope it's got it's daddy's personality!

Morning sickness has gotten worse, but it's the worst in the evenings. However, I did throw up again yesterday. Apparently brushing my teeth was too much for my gag reflex. Taking my prenatals has become difficult for the same reason. I'm doing good if I take one every other day. It's bad, I really should be taking them more faithfully.

I realize I'm not as sick as some women get, and I'm thankful for that. If I could stay in bed all day I'd be peachy.

Last Friday I was lucky enough to get to participate in a little event with Ellen. She set up a booth for her Pampered Chef stuff. There were about 5 other ladies there with similar booths, all representing a different business and products. That was my first time I "exposed" my work in public and had the gall to ask people to pay me to paint for them. That's what it felt like. The turnout was bad, but the response of the 4 or 5 people I did talk to was good. One lady I spoke with is a photographer who is interested in offering my services to her clients. I offered to do a portrait of her 2 sons for half price so she could have a sample. I hope that was enough of an incentive... eek.

My boss asked to see some of my work. I showed him the ones of my brother and sister and he was polite about it. I walked away a little disappointed though, to be honest. I thought maybe he would ask me to paint his two beautiful little girls. I started to see the flaws in my work. I knew they were there and I knew I would have to up my game to do it professionally. For the "show" I had been working on my first non-family member, miss 1 year old Ellie Mae, Ellen's baby. It's not quite finished, but I did feel like I needed to put a lot more into it and really work to make it the best I can do. Feels good to be challenged.

Yesterday, my boss did ask me to paint his girls afterall. In all of this, I have learned I just need to remember to be confident.

One commission before Christmas - yay! The money will make the holidays much less tight!

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