Monday, November 8, 2010

Week 8

Yesterday marked 8 weeks of pregnancy for me, Ryan, and the Niño. According to my sources, the kiddo is the size of a pinto bean, but by the end of this week will be more like 1" long crown to rump. My uterus is about the size of a grapefruit, so I like to think there's a lotta space to swim around in there. So far today, I haven't had any nausea medicine and it's going alright so far. My appetite is not good, but that could be because I've been slowly munching all morning (helps with nausea to always have something in the stomach, but bad for lunch appetite). I keep a 2-liter bottle of water under my desk. I fill it up every morning and make sure I have emptied it by the time I go home. I would say staying hydrated is the number one help for my nausea.

I was surprised to learn how big my uterus supposedly is. A grapefruit? Surely I'd notice that!? I can't see a visible difference, but I can certainly feel it. It feels cramped in there, and every so often when I move a certain way, I can feel it pushing against... whatever its pushing against.

On Thursday I have another sonogram. I am excited about it - hoping I will be able to see more than a nondescript little blob. Also hoping that they will tell me my bloodclot is gone - return to normal life! I am so, so, SO hoping for that - if you would pray with me for that, I would be truly grateful.

We saw a lot of Ryan's family at Carolee's funeral this past weekend. Carolee was my mother-in-law's only sister and they were very close. She died very suddenly last Monday when she had a heart attack and it cut off oxygen to her brain. She is definitely in Heaven now, so although nobody expected it, I think now that the funeral is over, the family has some peace about it. We will just miss her very much.

Everyone was excited for us. Memaw told us over and over to tell that baby about Jesus and pat my tummy and tell the baby that we love it. She had 6 children, and she said she didn't know unborn babies could hear. She wished she had known to talk to her babies.

So, now I'm trying to decide if I should go to the breakroom and have lunch or if I should start on tomorrow's work (since some of my tasks today have been postponed).

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