Friday, November 12, 2010

Would You Be Mine, Could You Be Mine? Won't You Be My Neighbor?

Yesterday morning I had another ultrasound.  It was the third one in my almost 9 weeks of pregnancy.  Despite overachieving their instructions to come with a full bladder, and despite the humorously unpleasant process of the technician pressing hard on that balloon while we watched the screen, it was a good time.  I learned that my blood clot is gone (uh, YAY!) and I got to see the tiny person wriggling around.  Got new ultrasound pictures, only slightly more to see than before.  And we're right on track at almost an inch crown to rump.  All's good in this neighborhood.

My evening plans with my coworker got canceled, but it turns out we both had our reasons not to go.  She was getting new furniture delivered and I was not feeling that great.  I went home, cleaned the kitchen, and started to make some cinnamon sugar biscotti.  The dough was so good I kept eating it... sorry.  Once that was in the oven, I started on the Texas BBQ chili.  When Ryan's mom gave us the crock pot, she also gave us a couple of crock pot cook books.  One of them is Sandra Lee's semi-homemade meals.  We have used several of those recipes, but the BBQ chili is one of the best!  It was easy (except for the fact that I accidentally bought whole canned green chilies instead of diced and I had to slice those slimey suckers!) and it made the place smell tasty.  I really wanted to make some perfect sweet corn bread to go with the chili, but I could not find the recipe anywhere!  And the recipe we have really is perfect - it comes out exact every time.  Oh well )c:

The biscotti is for tonight's event.  Looking forward to dipping it in some hot cocoa (c:  (Is someone bringing hot cocoa?)

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