Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Favorite Office Talk Quotes

Ms. Vicki

"Did you see 'Praise the Lord' last night? Girl, go'on!"

"Black pepper? Oh gawd! It's messed up. --- I say! --- She said it was off the train, she like it like that."

"Yeah they got big nice pots ov'dere. How many chickens you cook? --- You a liar!"

"All in the bedroom. Mmmhmm. Crank up the big boy!"

"Oh, naw. LCD. I don't mess with them plasma.-- Nah, I don't even buy plasma. -- Cuz them plasma goes out in them after while and I ain't never heard nobody say it happened but I just know about them plasmas."

"It's just like the devil. It's just like it. He be hatin', you know?"

Ms. Jacki

"Well, I'm sure he liked you, but – you know, just wait and see. – Maybe it's not but maybe it's not you, you know?"

"Did she give you any of them? – Did she give you any enchiladas? – Did SHE give YOU any enchiladas?"

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