Monday, December 13, 2010

All We Want To Do Is Eat Your Brains

This blog may not for the slight of stomach, and not my normal train of thoughts... just warning you.


Wes came in this weekend and I had just gotten season 1 of AMC's new series The Walking Dead from a guy at work. We spent four and a half hours watching the six episodes in this mini-series over the course of Saturday and Sunday. I only half-watched it first, knowing it was at high-risk for giving me nightmares (I have had nightmares after watching Law & Order before). I played the more lighthearted Plants Vs. Zombies on my laptop while the guys watched. I started to lose interest in my game though and watch the show more and more. Eventually I turned off the game and decided I'd deal with the nightmares later, I had to know what happened.

It's not the "jump out and grab you" kind of scare, which I think bothers me a lot more than the gore that the show is drenched in, so I found it to be pretty interesting in that apocalyptic kind of way.

Two nights since I let myself watch the show. While trying to go to sleep, my brain swims with zombies. I can't get them off of my mind. It's a problem, but I wasn't scared. So I am relieved about that.

Since my mind has been on them lately, it has occurred to me that there is a serious problem with zombie facts. Maybe I just need it explained to me. New zombies are made when a zombie bites a human. The human becomes infected, dies quickly by being eaten by zombies or dies slowly from the fever the infection brings. After human death, the zombie awakes and hungers for live human flesh. Based on common knowledge, zombies are ultimately after your brains.

If you have a gun, they are easy enough to kill (provided you aren't overwhelmed by a mob of them) with one good shot to the head. You must put a hole through their brain. In The Walking Dead, the survivors ensure the zombies that they brought down would not come back by putting a pick-axe or an arrow through their skull.

If a human gets its brains eaten by a zombie, how does it come back as a zombie if the brains have been destroyed? Either I'm missing something or someone did not think this zombie concept through very well.

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