Friday, December 10, 2010

#ThingsInMyDreamNursery: Gears

If our kiddo is a boy, I think I would like to give a little artistic shoutout to his daddy's engineer-type bend by throwing in a couple of gears.

For the record, I'm not a fan of themes.  I'm not a fan of matching things (Mom can confirm this is true from her exasperation at trying to make me choose acceptable clothes to wear out of the house). 

I am a fan of having lots of visual representations that reflect who we are.  There's a lot more to Ryan than gears, which is why if we have a boy, there could be some references such as trucks, technology, camo, nerdy Internet meme references, blue prints, musical instruments, country or rock inspired what-have-you, earth-moving heavy machinery, even [play] guns, oh oh, even a Jimmy Buffet cheeseburger.  All I am saying is, if our baby announcement has gears on it, please do not gift us with everything you see that is gear-related.

I am a fan of coordinating, not matching.  I like a lot of colors, I would prefer everything to not be the same color.  Even the same 3 colors.

Sorry, this post really isn't about gears.  Maybe I don't like them now, afterall.  lol, we'll see what Ryan says.

I have not seen a nursery that I am in love with.  I think I can safely blame the themes.  A theme takes over and everything matches disgustingly well.

Time to go... hello, weekend.

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  1. Anything with a contrasting pattern to it will catch baby's eye. Gears do that, so do faces. If new parents decorated according to what would fascinate baby, there'd be faces on the wall.

    Yes, I remember our plaid/polka dot conversations.