Monday, December 6, 2010

Week 12

Next week marks end of trimester numero uno! Aka pretty much out of the danger zone for miscarriage. This is because the kiddo is fully formed, just has to grow bigger and stronger. It's about 2.9" long now and weighs just under an ounce. That sounds small doesn't it? It doesn't feel small, in fact I have noticed a significant difference in size from last week. I don't think I'm showing, but there is a definite bump by my bellybutton when I lay on my back. My favorite thing is feeling it in the morning.

I noticed last night that I was uncomfortable a lot. Felt uncomfortable pressure on my back and on either side of my uterus, almost like I had been laying in one position for too long and just needed to move. But it didn't go away when I moved. It did improve a little on my right side, but not on my left, which is unfortunate since I am trying to lay more on my left side. It's supposed to be better for circulation. I remembered a week or two ago when mom told Ryan he would have to buy me a recliner that I could sleep in later in pregnancy )c: Tonight I'm going to give the body pillow a try.

So ready to kick out the nausea. Hopefully it will actually gone in trimester 2, but everyone tells me that's not always the case. We'll see *crosses fingers*

I'm really glad that we have managed to not acquire too much baby stuff yet. We have one drawer for it. Some magazines, three books, an array of prenatal vitamins, 1 pack of newborn diapers, 1 sample diaper pack, and a box of assorted preggie-pops. My sister presented us with the first item of clothing last weekend - a long-sleeve 18 month onesie. I don't know if she considered what season it would be when the baby's 18 months, but she got it right. It'll be December 2012. It's blue with pink trim (although she is hoping for a nephew), and it says something along the lines of, "My Aunt is the best!" It's super cute and she got it with her own money, so, I apologize if you're a boy, baby, but you're wearing it for her, haha. Maybe I'll try to sew different color trim on it. Or he can just make sure to wear it with camo pants, lol.

After my 18 week appointment, I expect then we will get more serious about getting stuff. I have made a list of things we'll need and will be asking my mom and mother in law to go over it with me and help me prioritize things. Then I'm sure they'll help me keep an eye out for the larger items at resale shops. Ideally, I hope we can get a house in the spring and I can really enjoy putting together the nursery one piece at a time.

My next doctor appointment is January 4th. Then two weeks after that I will be at 18 weeks and that's when we'll have an appointment to find out the gender, woot! I need to call Whitney - she is only 2 weeks from finding out whether they're having a boy or a girl. So crazy.

It's an incredible process, but I am so glad the first trimester is almost behind me. It's got to be the most boring part, lol.

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  1. Ruthie and I talked about the outfit fitting and being seasonally ok for 18 months. So yes, thought went into it. We love you!!!! Keep on taking care of yourself.