Monday, December 20, 2010

Give Me Your Heart, Make It Real (Or Else Forget About It)

Week 14. I got two pairs of maternity pants and a nice sweater last week. Both sets of pants have decided to be looser than they seemed when I first tried them on and are constantly slipping down (irritating), but this is one situation in life where I guess I will look forward to filling them out... ? The jeans have belt loops though so a belt fixes it for them. The work pants will just have to wait a week or two more though.

Maternity pants are soooo comfortable, lol.

Bump seems to be growing really fast lately. Many people have been asking me if I can feel the baby move. From what I have read, most women can't feel the baby move in their first pregnancy until they're about 20-24 weeks. So I am still a long way away from that. They say if you think you can feel it move this early on, it's just gas. So let's just say I haven't felt anything and keep things less embarrassing (c;

One thing I do feel is pressure. Ever-present discomfort as things "triple and quadruple" in there (in the words of my also pregnant friend, Coby. She is 16 weeks along). Not unbearable pain, but makes me wonder what my pain tolerance is like!

Important to mention that I do believe the nausea has finally gone! It does reappear when I am either extremely tired or start to get hungry. That's another thing: hunger is like WHAM BAM... suddenly it hits me and I must eat, please don't ask any questions, just let me at the food! I wouldn't say my appetite has increased, and I am proud and happy that I have not gained but a pound or two so far, it's just that hunger strikes so fiercely.

Infamous cravings of pregnant women I have not had (yet... apparently that becomes more of a big deal in second trimester), but just about any food suggestion that is made, I suddenly want. So the cravings don't come from out of nowhere. For example, over a week ago I saw an ad on TV for Olive Garden in which they were promoting ravioli. Last night we finally caved and went to Olive Garden and I got my ravioli... it had been on my mind all that time. Dairy Queen commercials get me. I suddenly love french fries. Earlier today, I heard Ms. Jacki telling her husband on the phone, "I'm going out with a friend for lunch, there is some chili in the fridge if you want to heat that up for yourself." And now I want chili.

Going to Temple this week, so have yourself a Merry Christmas!

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