Friday, December 17, 2010

Mi Nombre es Dora the Explorer

Maybe it's because I grew up in south Texas, but I just really love Latina names. I know we shouldn't limit ourselves if there is a name that is not quite as normal to name a white baby with Irish-German parents, but for some reason I just don't know many white women with Latin names and it's kind of sad to me because they are so romantic and feminine.


You'd think we'd see more since south Texas culture is so infused with Mexican spice. The name Lorena came to my attention because it's a town between Waco and Temple on I-35. Every time we drive past the exit for it, I say it in my head. I'm embarrassed to say it out loud because it's flat if you don't roll that R. And I feel like a poser going around trying to roll my R's. This name makes me want to be Mexican just so I wouldn't feel like a poser, lol. However, it is pretty enough that if Ryan liked it then I would break out of my comfort zone and this name would be in the running.

Marisol seems a lot safer for a white girl, but it still has an old world and feminine charm to it. It sounds contemplative yet colorful. She sounds like an interesting person, eh?

Also love Evita and it's meaning - "Life." I might have to check with Corinne though, since she wants an Evelyn, we could potentially have two Evie's. Evita comes to mind as a movie tho... *searches the Internet* - aha, a musical. According to Wikipedia, it's a musical with music by Andrew Lloyd Webber (The Phantom of the Opera) and lyrics by Tim Rice (The Lion King), two talents I have appreciation for. I am liking this more and more already. I might have to see this musical. I will check out the music today on Grooveshark, I'm super curious now.

So what do you think, can two Irish-German kids from south Texas use a name with Mexican roots? I really don't see why not! (Afterall, most people who only know me by name are surprised to find that I am white. Most people assume I'm black)

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