Thursday, December 16, 2010

If Love Were A Whisper, What Could I Give You To Speak?

Hot dog, this time next week I will be on the road to Temple.  Well at least time is moving in some capacity, it didn't really seem like it was. This morning when I arrived at work and took my planner out of my drawer and replaced it with my purse like I do every morning, the mundane repetition of this week struck me.  It seems for the past few weeks I have been storing my planner in my drawer instead of on my desk, ever since the last evaluation and it was made clear that we are to have our desktops cleared off when we leave every day (this sounds really OCD of the execs but in all truth we all deal with papers that should keep at least some level of confidentiality).  But no, wait, the last evaluation was... months ago? 

My days certainly aren't set apart by the way they start.  Every morning, I go straight to my cube and turn on my computer, because ever since they installed the new printers, morning boot-up takes like 10 minutes.  Then I take out my planner and put away my purse.  Then grab my 3 liter ginger ale bottle from under my desk and refill it with water (it is my daily goal to empty it by 5pm each day).  Sometimes at that point I take a stroll downstairs to the break room to grab a hot drink and then to the mail room to check my mailbox.  By the time I make it back to my desk, my computer is awake and thus the day goes forward. 

The highlights of each workday are when noon rolls around and I'm pouring myself another glass of water.  This is only a highlight if I am at least half way through the bottle by then, I like to consider it being on track.  It's odd but having this personal goal to work on while doing other work (the work I actually get paid to do) somehow makes everything else more meaningful. It's multitasking, right?  Lunch is of course a highlight.  Lately I take my red pen and the most recent Internet Marketing Report newsletter and read it over lunch, circling and marking things I think we could use or that are interesting.  The next highlight comes between 2:30 and 3, when time seems to start moving at about 1.5x speed until about 4:50.

Gosh, if you read all of that, thank you for your dedication.  I think it was intended to be boring.  It was definitely way more fun for me to write than I intended it to be for you to read.

Anyway, on to much more exciting things [again, for me], we have tonight and tomorrow night to accomplish two forms of shopping.  1) Christmas shopping.  Still need to get a few more gifts, but looking forward to being done!  And 2) Maternity clothes shopping!  At last I feel like I am ready for those jeans with the big stretchy band.  I got through the more recent weeks using an elastic "ouchless" hair tie to connect my pants' button with its buttonhole, and I was still able to zip up the zipper completely until this past week.  Zippers are kind of all-or-nothing, so when I couldn't zip them up all the way, they gave up and fell all the way down, which isn't good unless my shirt selection is long enough to cover this well.  Talk about being self-conscious. 

There is at least one maternity store in town that I know of [I'm sure there are more but who cares about them] and it's in the mall.  Since I don't have a whole lot of mula to spend and I just need a pair of basic jeans and some work slacks, I'm just going to hit up this place even though it is a little pricier than a Ross might be and make sure those staple items that I will be wearing almost every day for the next 6 months are good quality, good fit, and feel nice (c:

I took photos of my "laying down bump" this morning.  It looks big in pictures, of course I cannot dislodge my head and see what it looks like from the side like my camera can, so I was surprised to see how pregnant I actually look.  I was so stoked I wanted to send it to Mom but my phone wouldn't send it, not helpful.  Oh well, soon it will be worthwhile to take bump pics for Facebook.  Gotta get some with Whitney, too, for sure.

Have a good rest of your week (c:

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  1. Yes, I do want pic's of your bump. I always started showing early in my pregnancies too.

    Just wait til you start feeling butterfly wings. THAT is truly amazing. If my memory is correct, you might start feeling movement at about 4 months. Does that sound right?